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Hancock Bits and Pieces

As I am writing this, it is yet another day of snowing, school is cancelled and our Homemaker's meeting is cancelled, as are many other events.

I decided to get myself out of the doldrums, I would write about Spring. It is only a month and a half away, Yahoo!

I went online and found srping, the season, on Wikipedia and found this information, most of which you learned in school. Spring, of course is one othe four seasons and is usually March, April and May or in our case, April, May and June, as sometimes we have the most snow of the season in March. But it is usually around March 20 or 21 and is when the axis of the Earth is increasing its tilt toward the sun and the length of daylight rapidly increases for the relevant hemisphere. Because autumn or fall is just beginning in the southern hemisphere. Can you believe someone challenged me on this, they thought the weather was the same all over, except of course in the area around the equator. Must have been absent from school that day or week. Spring in the southern hemispheres is different because there is no land bridge between southern hemisphere countries and the Antaractic zone capable of bringing in cold air.

Spring is seen as a time for growth, renewal of both plants and animals. Lambs are being born now and soon calves and other baby animals will be born.

And the warmer tempatures warm the earth and snow begins to melt and water begins to flow. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes flooding, but hopefully it will be a slow melt and will run off at a slower pace.

And as a side story and because we are involved with Afghanistan, I would like to add this little bit of information.

The first day of spring is the beginning of a new year, Norvruz, in the Solar Hijri Calendar, Nowruz (also Naw-Ruz, Norooz, Newroz, Navroj, and many other variants) which means "New Day" in Persian, marks an important traditional holiday festival celebrated in Afghanistan as well as in many other countries, such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Tajikistan. In many ways, I like to think Spring is the beginning of a new year, I could hibernate in the winter just like the bears do.

So with this bit of knowledge, whether useful or not, I wish you a good day and think Spring, is only a month and half away, however, not soon enough for me!