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Talking It Over

It really doesn't take much to ruin or save a day. A simple comment, look or action can make a person's day go either way.

I've had it happen to me many times and do my best to try to avoid being the one to ruin a day for someone else. It is so much better to make their day.

Recently I had a person make my day simply with a short card of thanks.

A wonderful, thoughtful person took the time to send me a note and thank me for the work I do and things I write.

It was so wonderful to learn that my efforts are appreciated.

It made me realize how important compliments are and especially from people and at times that we least expect it. Taking the time to write a quick note, make a short phone call or stop to chat with a person offering your appreciation can mean so much.

Feeling appreciated is important in all walks of life, not just in our jobs. Family members also need our praise and thanks especially young children. Encouraging words and optimistic views can help them build confidence and pride. Supporting them in their efforts through attending concerts, games, programs and other competitions is the perfect way to show support. And when it is over, offer words of encouragement and praise, not criticism.

As our children grow into adults, they continue to need our praise. We need to let them know how proud we are of them, how good they are as parents and spouses and what wonderful adults they have come to be. It means just as much as an adult to hear praise from your parents.

I encourage everyone to take the time to occasionally make someone's day. Show or tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Even if you can't see or feel the results of your thanks and praise, you will have the knowledge that you just did a simple act of kindness.

In some way that kindness will be repaid when out of the blue someone makes your day in another small way.