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Class Competition - Tiger PRIDE

A while ago I asked all 7-9th grade teachers to provide me with the names of some of the most outstanding students in grades 7-9. The purpose of this was so they could help me develop and implement an idea I had to put together and promote a type of class competition.

A few weeks ago, I met with all 7-9th grade classes and explained to them what we came up with. This competition will be based on academics, discipline, and attendance. The competition will begin in earnest at the beginning of quarter 3.

The Academic score will be determined by calculating the percentage of As - Is. Hypothetically, if the entire 7th grade at the end of quarter 2 had 51.2 percent As, 29.1 percent Bs, 11.3 percent Cs, 3.1 percent Ds, 3.7 percent Fs, and 1.6 percent Is, their academic score would be 60.6. By simply multiplying all by 10, add up the As and Bs and subtract the Cs - Is = 60.6. This is where the 7th grade would start at the beginning of quarter 3.

The scoring criterion is as follows:

a. For every discipline infraction, the total score will be reduced by 2 points (not all discipline results in a detention or suspension)

b. Discipline free for a week = 10 points

c. Suspension free for a week = 10 points

d. Detention free for a week = 10 points

e. Tardy Free for a week = 10 points

f. Tiger PRIDE nomination = 10 points per nomination

The totals will be tabulated weekly.

The last 3 weeks of Quarter 2 provided us with an opportunity to see how things go and gave us some time to work out the kinks. There is an Official Scorecard located outside the office area. The totals will change from week to week.

At the end of the quarter, the winning class will be given a coupon to redeem a food item from our cafeteria. The end of quarter 3 grand prize will be a class trip to the theater to watch a movie. At the start of semester 2, weekly scores will be read during the morning announcements.

Upcoming Events/Important Dates

Feb. 9 - 2-hour late start

Feb. 14 - 9-12th Grade Variety Show @ 7:30 p.m.

Feb. 21 - No School (President's Day)

Feb. 23 - Mid-term (Quarter 3)