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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Another short week! We worked with the letter Nn this week and did some nifty things. We were all Nice and none of us were naughty. We were invited to meet the Twins at the public school which we truly enjoyed. We are looking forward to Sunday, the kick off to Catholic Schools Week. Please join us at 10:30 a.m. Mass with pancake breakfast to follow.

Grade 1: We had fun seeing some Minnesota Twins players at the Twins Caravan. We are getting ready for Catholic Schools Week. We started a new unit in math and are working with dimes and pennies. In reading we read about being good friends.

Grade 2: The second graders have continued their math work with comparison and solving comparison story problems by taking information from graphs. In Science they discussed the importance of maintaining the Rain Forest. They all enjoyed the Twins Caravan at the public school on Wednesday. Report cards went home on Friday and all received a good report.

Grade 3: The third graders continued their work in multiplication and division by looking for patterns in 1s. They discovered that divisions by zero are not possible. They have almost completed their practice of cursive letters and will begin to make the transition from manuscript to cursive soon. They are enjoying the milder weather and are thankful everyone can get outside to play on the giant snow hill at recess.

Grade 4: As the 3rd quarter begins, the fourth graders are carefully writing all their assignments in cursive. Breaking away from printing is a bit stressful for some of us, but we know our speed and accuracy will improve with practice. In math we have been multiplying a three digit number by a one digit number using an expanded notation method or an algebraic notation method. We were so excited on Wednesday to take part in the Minnesota Twins Caravan. It is always a thrill to meet Twins players and TC bear. It reminds us that baseball season is not far away.

Grade 5: This week the fifth graders have been working on different strategies in their reading to help them with comprehension. We have been working on a strategy called check for understanding, and we are also learning how to tune in to interesting words to build our vocabulary. We also started working on changing improper fractions into mixed numbers in math.

Grade 6: This is the first week of our 3rd quarter--we are half way through the school year! We began practicing our cribbage game skills as we are going to have a classroom tournament next week for Catholic Schools Week. In Phy. Ed. this week we learned how to do kickboxing.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 30 Start of Catholic Schools Week

Feb. 4 All School Ski Trip

Feb. 8 Board of Ed. Mtg. 6:30