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Looking Back -- 1-27-11


(Taken from the Thursday, Jan. 25, 2001 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Five tiny cheerleaders were pictured assisting with cheers at a basketball game. They were Counrtney Greiner, Ali Reese, Abby Ascheman, Shae Brown and Collin Brown.

Word was received that Jon DeGier, son of Robert and Jean DeGier, was badly burned at his job in Claremont. Jon was working At Greenway when he was accidently burned by anhydrous ammonia. He had second degree burns over the lower portion of his body and some lung damage.


(Taken from the Thursday, Feb. 1, 1996 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Lila Wink retired after 14 years as the Bloodmobile coordinator for Hancock. She officially handed over the position to Carla Lonneman. As the coordinator Lila helped organize approximately 50 bloodmobiles.

Julie Messner and Kevin Koehl announce their engagement. A February 25 wedding date was set.


(Taken from the Thursday, Jan. 28, 1971 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Something new in winter activity for the Hancock-Cyrus community is a Snowmobile Derby to be held on Long Lake. The derby is sponsored the the Lions Clubs of the two villages. The events will include races of various length with trophies awarded.

A petition to close the Burlington Northern Railroad depot in Hancock will be held. In addition to closing the depot and discontinuing full-time agency service, the Railroad is seeking authority to remove the depot and station facilities and to terminate less than carload lot freight service in Hancock.

Marcia Hoffman and Donald Timmerman were married at Assumption Church in Morris on December 5.


(Taken from the Friday, Jan. 31, 1936 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A number of young folks from out west of the village had a rather serious time of it last week. They had attended a shower for a newly married daughter of Joe Braker and started for home. Two of the cars were stalled in snow drifts with the result that the young folks had to get out and walk. At least three of the young ladies suffered frozen limbs while one of the Joos boys was also severly frost-bitten. Of the girls, Marie Feuchtenberger and Emma Moser were in the most serious condition, while Bernice Moser was in rather bad shape for a time.

Miss Cleo Everson of Montevideo, teacher in a rural shcool four miles south of Kerkhoven, died from effects of exposure to cold weather. Miss Everson left her boarding place about three-quarters of a mile from the school and enroute was overcome with cold. She reached the school and called for aid but died later.


(Taken from the Friday, Jan. 27, 1911 issue of the Hancock Record.)

When we took the census last year there were seven empty houses in the village. Just at present every room and house if filled and there is at least five families looking for places to live. A census taken now would give the village about a hundred more than last year at this time.

Work has been commenced replacing the broken lengths in the stand pipe at the power house. Nearly if not quite all were broken in the recent freeze and it will be necessary to take down the whole stand pipe.