Weather Forecast


Area Weather: Temps will be a balmy 20 degrees by next week

The overnight low in the Morris area Friday morning was a very cold 27 below zero. That was a new record low. The old record low was 20 below zero set back in 2000.

Monday's high should be in the teens to near 20 degrees and for Tuesday it should be much the same!


On this date in 1922 high pressure areas that move across this region in the depths of winter are stronger than at any other times of the year.


High pressure areas are usually caused by air masses being cooled, either from below or from above as infrared cooling of winter air masses over land exceeds the warming of those airmasses by sunlight.

TODAY (Saturday)

Partly cloudy and still cold. High 1 Low -14 Winds: N 5-10 mph Prec. None. Today's sunrise: 7:53 am Today's sunset: 5:13 p.m. Normal High: 21 Normal Low: 3. High pressure will keep the area quiet for the week. Milder air will return to the area slowly. Some lower 20s are possible for next week.


•Sunday: Partly cloudy early, then increasing cloudiness late. High 12 Low 10 Winds: E 10-15 mph Prec. None

•Monday: Mostly cloudy and not as cold, chance of snow. High 20 Low 6 Winds: SE 10-15 mph Prec. Trace-.30"

•Tuesday: Partly to mostly cloudy. High 20 Low 6 Winds: W 10-15 mph Prec. None