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Pre/Kindergarten news:

We are reading the book The Mitten by Jan Brett.  We have been looking at the sequence of the story, making predictions and retelling the story by acting it out.  We have used our mittens for math by estimating and checking how many items will fit in our mittens.  We also used our mittens for graphing, patterning, and nonstandard measuring.  During math we have been learning about probability and discussing events that are certain, possible or impossible.  We enjoyed playing the game, Stick Pick-Up, to practice our prediction skills.

K-2 news:

This week students completed a science lesson focusing on how animals keep warm in cold climates.  We discussed the different ways animals keep warm, for both cold and warm blooded animals.  We conducted an experiment using feathers, fur and fat to help us make conclusions about the best type of insulation.  

Grades 1-2 news:

We have added a weather reporter to our classroom routine.  Each day our classroom helper looks on the internet for the daily forecast.  We are amazed at how quickly our temperature changes each day.  This tied in nicely with our math unit on reading thermometers.  We are working hard to reach our reading goal this month.  We are trying to read 200 books during the month of January and are almost there!

Grades 3-4 news:

We continue to work on word experiences in our spelling program.  One way this is done is by building words using suffixes.  This week we worked on adding s, es or changing the y to i and adding es to make a new word.  We also looked for base words.  In math we continue to work on decimals, compatible numbers, and fractions.  We have been traveling around the world in our social studies unit.  This week each student researched a famous location for a class presentation.    

Grades 5-6 news:

This week the students started the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (D.A.R.E.) with Chief Deputy Brecht from the Pope County Sheriff's Department. D.A.R.E. is a nine week program in which the students learn about and apply the D.A.R.E. decision making model to situations that may arise in school or out of school.  Students learn strategies to help them resist pressure from peers in any situation.  The students will also learn about different drugs and the effects they have on your mind and body.  This week the students discussed choices, good and bad, and what happens when those different choices are made.  

Upcoming Events:

Monday, Jan. 24 - Staff development day, no school

Tuesday, Jan. 25 - AIMS testing  

Thursday, Jan. 27 - ECFE Splish Splash at the Prairie Inn in Morris

Friday, Jan. 28 - STAR celebration skating at the Lee Community Center in Morris