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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Another short week but a very busy one! It was Mm week, we had a successful Mommy and Muffins turnout! Mommy brought us to school early and we shared a muffin and read stories! We also celebrated Meghan Goulet's Wonderful Week!

Grade 1: Wow! A short week with no school Monday and some late starts due to weather! We are working on addition with 2-digit numbers in math. We are becoming excellent readers. We wrote about some of our favorite places to go and the important things we bring with us when we go.

Grade 2: In Math the second graders completed their work with time and calendars and began to work with and analyze information on a pictograph. They will begin to collect data for a class project. In Science they read and discussed how habitats change. We are thinking of our animal friends and how they survive and find food in this extreme cold. We will be glad for milder weather so we can also enjoy being outside.

Grade 3: In Reading the third graders are reading part of a "Ramona" book. They find her very entertaining and think she would be an amusing friend! In Math they continue to work with multiplication and its connection to division. They practiced their skills using their strategy cards. The students began to work on their Treasure Book.

Grade 4: This week, the fourth graders read The Kids Invention Book for reading class. This nonfiction story gave us facts about inventions developed by kids. Some of the inventions we read about were the Prosthetic Catch and Throw Device, the All in One Washer/Dryer, and the Conserve Sprinkler. This story got us thinking about things we might like to invent. Who knows? Someday we could create an invention that becomes popular and will be used by millions of people around the world!!!

Grade 5: The fifth graders have been having fun learning about fractions. We have been learning how to add and compare fractions. In reading class we are learning about more figurative language. We focused on similes and metaphors this last week. In English class we are learning about different kinds of nouns.

Grade 6: The sixth graders had many stories to share about their memorable trip to Wolf Ridge. We began writing a book about our experiences at Wolf Ridge. On Thursday we performed our band matinee and concert.

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Jan. 24-Teacher Workshop: No School

Jan. 28-Report Cards Go Home

Jan. 30-Catholic Schools Week Mass and Breakfast: All Are Invited