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Hancock Looking Back -- 1-13-11


(Taken from the Thursday, Jan. 11, 2001 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Mayor Jim Swenson and Councilmen Dean Jensen and Bruce Schmidgall were sworn into office at the first meeting of the new year.

Hancock fifth grade students participated in an essay contest that asked them to write about "My Most Amazing Mom." The articles written by Mindi Baker and Shaina Cramlet were selected as the winners in Hancock. Their essays were submitted to a national contest.


(Taken from the Thursday, Jan. 18, 1996 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Service Options for Seniors has set April 1 for groundbreaking for its new assisted living apartment buildings in Morris and Hancock. The Hancock building will consist of four one-bedroom and four two-bedroom apartments.

Abe Holleman, who lived in Holland during WWII, shared his experiences with Hancock eighth grade English students. Mr. Holleman described Holland and shared some painful stories with the students. He recalled many people, including his family, resorting to 'eating grass' because of the lack of food. He also said that many of the Hollanders tried to hide the Jews, but this put their entire families in jeopardy.


(Taken from the Thursday, Jan. 14, 1971 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Two new building have been erected in Hancock. Ralph Bendt of Ralph's Auto Wrecking Co. erected a new building on the corner of 6th Street and Jefferson Ave. Conroy Well Co. has completed a 40 x 60 ft. building on their property just off Washington Ave.

Dan Allenspach, a Jordan Art teacher, was named the winner of the KTMF Teacher-of-the-Week award. Allenspach is a native of Hancock and a graduate of Moorhead State College with a degree in Art. This is his first year of teaching.

Miss Sue Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miller of Hancock, and Allen Benson of Hancock were united in marriage at Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church on January 9.


(Taken from the Friday, Jan. 24, 1936 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A car driven by a young man named Driggins, whose folks live three miles west of the village smashed into a county snow plow just west of the Rinkenberger corner. According to Driggins, who was accompanied by another young fellow named Webster, and his sister, Clarice, they were on their way home and had just turned off the pavement, when the snow plow loomed right ahead of him square in the center of the road. Clarice had a broken arm and one leg severely bruised and also had her head hurt to such an extent that she was rendered partly unconscious for a time.


(Taken from the Friday, Jan. 13, 1911 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Monday forenoon Miss Laura Goulet and Mr. Ouisern Leduc were married at St. Barnabus Catholic church, in the presence of relatives and friends.The bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goulet and the groom the youngest son of Mrs. Josephine Leduc.

Marshal McGowan was at work inside the power house when a board was torn loose from the staging and carried by the wind. It struck the roof of the power house and was driven half way through knocking a piece of the roof boards loose. One of these knocked the hat off McGowans head. Just a little change in the direction of the board might have called for the appointment of a new marshal.