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The weave of our lives

Our lives are really not our own. Even though we may feel that we have total control over our own life, the reality is that we don't own that control. Our life is closely intertwined and meshed with others in ways that mean every decision we make, every move we take and every person we know is connected in some way to another.

When we make our choices in life it is bound to affect someone. Naturally it will affect those closest to us, our family and friends, but it can also affect total strangers.

For that reason it is important to put a lot of thought and consideration into our choices. Rash decisions may sometimes work out but can also be hurtful to people we really do not want to hurt.

When you start really thinking out the important decisions in life, sometimes the answers are not forthcoming. Then it is time to trust in your instincts and take the road that may be best for you and those closest to you. It may also help to discuss the options with those who will be affected by your decision.

With the start of a New Year there will be many new options for us on the road ahead. Don't take these choices lightly. Set some goals for yourself but don't forget those around you. Be mindful that your goals should also work out with your spouse, children, other family members and close friends. For example, a career opportunity in another state may be good for you, but not so for other members of your family.

In a similar light, remember to plan time this year to fulfill other goals connected to family and friends. Keep in mind that spending time with those people who are most closely linked to you is a great way to take more control of your own life. By knowing and understanding those closest to you, you can make decisions about yourself with confidence and assurance that you are not hurting those you care most about.

I hope each of you has a wonderful new year and that you can take control of your life with understanding and consideration, keeping in mind that life is like a woven cloth, each of us intertwined with others.