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Electives and On-line registration.

Last week I wrote about the registration process and focused primarily on the core classes. Electives are classes that students choose to take. Once again, a total of 24 credits must be accumulated by all 9-12th grade students in order to graduate with a diploma. Of these 24 credits, 17 are core classes and seven are elective credits. The number of elective credits students can choose to take increase the older they get. For example, the typical 9th grade student will have one elective and a typical 11th or 12th grade student will have three or four electives.

MAHS is really no different from most high schools. We offer electives in wood working, foreign languages, family/consumer sciences, agriculture, industrial technology, and much more. There are some electives, for example our music electives, that allow students to delve more deeply into these areas than they would in core requirement classes. For example, some students place the bulk of their art classes as electives. These students have expressed interest in pursuing painting or sculpting during their post secondary career. These elective courses will give them the quality educational foundation they will need once they enroll into college.

We will have all of our students register for their 2011-12 classes online this year. In the past, this process has been very time consuming and cumbersome. On-line registration removes the need for office staff to re-enter information provided by the students. When the students log in to the system, the only classes they will be able to choose are the elective classes they are able to take. Their core classes will be preloaded into the system.

Winter weather reminder to parents

It is very important that your son or daughter is bundled up properly when riding the bus to school, driving to school, or being transported in some other way. Just last week a bus broke down and another bus had to be called to transport the students to school. It took about 30 minutes for the bus to arrive, which meant that the students had to wait on a cold bus for 30 minutes.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 12 - 2-hour late start

Jan. 13 - Science Fair and Art Show from 4-7:15 - High School practice gym

Jan. 17 - No School

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony @ 7:00 - High School Theater

Jan. 21 - End of quarter two/semester one

Jan. 24 - Teacher Workday - No school for students