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St. Mary's Samplings

Kindergarten: Happy New Year! This week was K week. We learned a lot about kangaroos---we know only the mammas have pouches and the baby's are called joeys. We also learned to read the words to and have! We welcomed a new kinder kid to our class---Sierra Lopez! We are so excited to have her.

Grade 1: Happy New Year! This week we learned more about different animal habitats and how plants and animals live together in their habitats. We learned about the very beginning of our country in social studies. We are working on addition with teen number totals in math. It is great to be back in school!

Grade 2: The second graders seemed ready to get back to school after the snowy break. In math they worked on forward and backward skip counting. They also worked with number partners of one hundred and analyzed repeating patterns. The class was glad to have Ben Michael Eble return from his family trip to Louisiana!

Grade 3: The third graders were excited to begin their work with multiplication in math. They started by exploring the pattern of 5 and worked on math drawings to solve problems. Arrays helped us write equations and understand the commutative property. Everyone enjoyed the Geography Bee on Friday. We have been doing some geography work each week this year. We hope it helps us when we get to take part in fourth grade.

Grade 4: We have been working to prepare for the Geography Bee contest that was held in our classroom on Tuesday and for the Final round that was held in the gym on Friday. We are getting much better at locating the 50 states and naming their capital cities. In math we are naming angles and triangles as well as using triangles to make quadrilaterals.

Grade 5: It has been a very busy week back for the 5th graders. We have been working on figurative language in reading class. We have been learning about hyperboles and how this use of exaggeration makes writing more interesting and sometimes very funny! We have also been hard at work learning about polygons and all of the different characteristics that they can have.

Grade 6: Welcome 2011! This week we are spelling words that are irregular plurals. During math we are collecting data and learning various ways to display our results. We used Microsoft Excel to create bar graphs. We are looking forward to our trip to Wolf Ridge next week.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 7--Geography Bee, 8:30 a.m.

Jan. 10-14--Grade 6 to Environmental Learning Center