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Talking it over -- 1-6-11

Pretty winter. To some people that might be an oxymoron. Just considering the words together for those who really dislike winter could make it a conflicting statement.

I am not a winter lover but I have to admit that this winter has been pretty. Nearly every morning as I travel to work I have to admire the frost covered trees, snow laden branches on evergreens and pure white fields. On a daily basis, I witness scenes that grace many walls through photos and paintings. These are scenes that go on calendars, puzzles, book covers, in magazines and countless other places. And we get to enjoy them absolutely free.

We have had our share of storms, including rain, sleet, snow, ice and lots of wind. However, the fields are covered with snow so the dirt has not been blowing to turn the landscape into the snirty, dirty scenes of so many past winters.

There have been times in recent weeks that I have driven past a grove of evergreens and have gasped at the beauty. The clumps of snow on the green branches look almost as if they have been painted on. It is breathtaking.

I encourage everyone to take a little drive on one of our nice winter days and enjoy some of this beauty. Choose a day when the wind is not blowing and the roads are clear. Be sure to tour an area that includes a river or lake because some of the rivers are still flowing, adding another dimension of beauty to the river basin.

I am sure come March I may be the first to say that this winter is no longer so pretty. However for now, I am simply trying to enjoy this gift of creation even if it makes life complicated at times.