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Sue's Views: Christmas still lives, white and bright

Wow, where did the time go? Here it is, almost Christmas Eve and I'm wondering if I can save time by using leftover Halloween Candy in the kids' stockings.

I haven't had time this year to watch any of the myriad Christmas specials on TV and have on at least one occasion, shut the radio off in the midst of yet another remake of "Silver Bells." The song is beautiful as written and does not need any diva do-overs (I'm talking to you, Martina McBride). I couldn't get both kids in the same place at the same time for a picture with Santa. And I only managed to find time to create one "Elf Yourself" dance with pictures of co-workers.

It has been a busy, busy season. So, no I am not ready for Christmas in the sense of having the presents wrapped, the cards sent and the cookies baked. But I am ready for a holiday, a break from the daily chaos to pause and appreciate the world around me, which magically brightens in spite of itself at this time every year.

Christmas is supposed to be white. Dashing through the snow does make your spirit bright.

With that sentiment in mind, I offer a little piece by Scott Schoen that was printed in the Dec. 24, 1953 Redwood Gazette that seems to say what I've been feeling.

Christmas Still Lives

Depressions...earthquakes...floods and wars...cannot destroy it;

The darkness of fear cannot blot out its light;

Hatred, envy and jealousy cannot withstand it;

Greed and selfishness retreat before it;

Nothing can stop its onward march into the hearts of men...

Christmas still lives!

Like a blanket of softly falling snow the spirit of Christmas covers the world!

Once again our thoughts reach out toward the Star of Higher Things;

Once again, a Babe is King;

Once again faith and lover and service are aglow in our hearts;

The radiance of Christmas lights up a storm-tossed world with the brilliance of a new hope;

It brings evidence of the potential goodness and greatness of man;

It is a sign that the ideals of the master will yet transform the earth;

The trend of humanity's spiral is fundamentally upward.

Christmas still lives!

By the way, don't feel bad for my children. There's no such thing as leftover candy from any holiday at my house so whatever they find in their stockings will be just fine.

Have a Merry Christmas!