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Talking It Over: I believe in Santa Claus

I believe in Santa Claus

At this time of year it is easy to believe in things unseen, unknown and sometimes, just plain unbelievable. When it comes to certain things, like Santa Claus, believing is a form of hope, joy, love and wonder.

All you need to do to believe in the concept of Santa is to look at a child when they sit on his lap or read the letters they write. Each is filled with emotions strong and hopeful. Even though they can't quite understand the entire concept, they still believe.

This faith in the unknown and unseen is important as children grow into adulthood. They learn that sometimes you just have to have trust, belief and hope. The Christmas story is one example of how we can learn to believe unconditionally and trust in things we cannot see, touch or feel.

We all need something in life to encourage hope. Believing in the future requires both hope and trust. Without these we can easily lose faith and life can be very depressing.

In my opinion if it takes something like believing in the concept of Santa Claus at any age, the good feelings that result can keep life exciting and encouraging.

Just consider what the idea of Santa Claus inspires. It brings wonder to the eyes of a child, it brings hope for the unimaginable and it brings love for something unseen but cherished enough to be passed on from generation to generation.

In the same way, as adults, we can carry these concepts to other aspects of life. We can have wonder in our eyes when we look at creation and the miracles around us. We can feel love and devotion for things we cannot see, believe in the stories we hear and the lessons we learn and trust in the future.

Then we can continue to pass the treasured messages to new generations, not just about Santa Claus but about all things unclear to us. A message that proves we sometimes just need to believe in the unbelievable and trust the stories that we hear. A message of hope carried on for generations.