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With registration fast approaching for next year, I would like to explain one of the options for next year's junior and senior students. MAHS offers many Concurrent or Dual Enrollment classes that students can take and earn both high school and college credits. These classes provide high school students the opportunity to earn college credit by means of a high quality experience in the high school comparable to that of the university classroom. Concurrent Enrollment classes are university level classes offered at the high school to junior and senior students during their regular school day. One of the major benefits of concurrent enrollment is that high school students reduce duplication of classes (at the university level) while saving time and money. Other benefits include:

• It allows students to earn college and high school credit simultaneously

• It's an alternative to the senior doldrums

• It's a great transition and introduction to university study

• It allows for more flexible scheduling upon enrollment at the university

• It allows earlier completion of general education requirements

• It may lead to early completion of a degree program

Concurrent enrollment instructors are qualified high school teachers who meet certain requirements and faculty approval to be facilitative teachers. Instructor qualifications, syllabi, assignments, textbooks, exams and grading requirements are equivalent to those offered at the college. Classes are monitored by supervising faculty from the originating college.

Most colleges select a group of courses appropriate for delivery to regional high schools. The majority of these courses are lower-division, general education courses that have been certified as meeting the requirements of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. This designation indicates the course meets state-wide curricular standards. Students who successfully complete such a course (with a grade of C- or better) are assured of course acceptance at any of Minnesota's public colleges and universities. Additionally, the courses are generally accepted at most colleges or universities.

Some of the Concurrent Enrollment classes offered at MAHS are Pre-Calculus, College Writing, College Speech, Animal Science, Introduction to Art, and Spanish III. These classes are offered through the University of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, Morris, Southwest Minnesota State University, and Ridgewater College (Willmar campus). If you have any questions about Concurrent Enrollment or would like more information, please contact Mike Coquyt at

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Dec. 23 - Last Day of School before Winter Break

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