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Talking it over - 12-16-10

There is one thing we can be sure of in life and that is that there is no sure thing. As soon as you think something is set, established or never going to change, it will.

At my age I should be prepared for change but I have to admit that the news of the sale of Hancock Concrete took me by surprise. This has been an icon of Hancock for so many years with the Schmidgall family at its helm and it will be a BIG adjustment for many people.

Ninety-three years ago, Henry Schmidgall started the concrete business in the town where he had settled with his family. Over the next nine decades the business has grown, changed and advanced with many family members taking active roles in the operations.

However, for the community of Hancock it has been much, much more. Hancock Concrete has defined the city in many ways, enhanced our lifestyle and, overall, been a role-model for other businesses, business owners and employers.

The Schmidgall family has not only operated the business, been the number one employer and community supporter but taken active roles in the government and other organizations. Members of the family have served on the city council, as mayor, on the school board, in the Lions Club, been active firemen, volunteered for hundreds of projects and taken active roles in many activities. They have been part of the community in every way possible.

Along with all this they have been some of the top supporters of the community. Anytime something would come up that promoted the community, school or even private individuals, they would be the first to offer a donation or even a helping hand. They happily advertised in many special ways even though the expense did not necessarily help their business, but it did help the community or school.

I am sad to see the end of the Schmidgall legacy at Hancock Concrete but am also confident that Superior Industries will continue to have the best interests of the community at heart. It is hard to accept change but from experience, I have learned that not all change is bad.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the entire Schmidgall family from Henry on down through the generations. You have helped make this a good community in which to live and work and have led and will continue to lead in many ways by your example.