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Looking Back

15 Years Ago

Items from the Sun

of November 28, 1995

In the spirit of the season, five Morris families will be opening their homes to visitors during the 1995 Christmas Tour of Homes, a benefit event for the Post Prom Project. Scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 10, this year's tour features houses which vary in age, in size, and in style, but at the heart of each of these homes is the warmth of Christmas traditions and family treasurers. The five homes are those of Bonnie and Maurice Tipcke, Pat and Ronald Muehlbauer, Anne and Ron Erickson, Joe and Pam Riley, and Linda and Karl Retzlaff. Tickets are $5.

Paul A. Spera, Commander-in-Chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, has announced the award of a Golden Anniversary Citation to VFW Post 5039, Morris. The Post will be 50 years old on Dec. 9. Post 5039 joins a growing list of VFW Posts whose long association with the organization has made it the most successful major veterans group in the country.

40 Years Ago

Items from the Sun

of December 1, 1970

Fifty students of the Morris School of Ballet will present their third annual Christmas performance of "The Nutcracker" in Edson Hall on the University of Minnesota, Morris campus on Saturday, Dec. 5. There will be an evening performance as well as a matinee. The students include Peggy Schultz, Barb Henjum, Beth Hagen, Kathleen Allmaras, Naomi Hart, Deidre Lammers, Maureen Gray, Nina Hart, Susan Granger, Leigh Mutchler, and Robin Chambers.

It was Little League night Tuesday, Nov. 24, at a Lions Club dinner and meeting at the Del Monico Café. The Morris Co-op Cubs and their coach, Mike Scarborough, last season's Little League champions, were honored guests. Wayne Morrissey was given a certificate of appreciation for his leading role in helping to build a successful Little League program in Morris.

75 Years Ago

Items from the Sun

of December 6, 1935

A rabbit hunt between two 25-men teams has been arranged for next Sunday. The teams will operate under the grand names of "D-X Oilers Rabbit Hunters, Inc.," and "The Highway Department, the Only One in the State." Before the hunt plans reached such grandeur, the highway department employees issued a challenge for opponents and this was accepted by employees of the Community Oil Company. Jack rabbits, cotton tails, crows, hawks, and owls are to count in the score. The losing team is to get all the rabbits, but is to provide a diner that evening. The feast is to consist of a Mulligan stew served by Les Kennedy at the armory that evening.

The Bliss bakery will move the first of next week in with the Morris Meat Market. The bakery's formal opening in the new location has been announced for next Tuesday. The baking equipment will be installed in a remodeled section of the rear of the building and its products will be sold from a section at the front and southeast side of the store. Arrangements have been made so that bakery goods may be delivered through the meat market's own delivery service.

A 350-pound dressed pig was stolen from the back porch of a local residence in Morris last Friday night and the owner is anxious for the thieves to return and get the pig's liver and some small pieces of "side meat" they overlooked. The pig was all cut up and the pieces nicely frozen and protected by paper coverings. The absence of the pig was not discovered until Saturday morning.

100 Years Ago

Items from the Sun

of December 15, 1910

Among those who have called at the Sun office during the past few days, paid their subscriptions and taken away with them one of our fine kitchen sets are the following: Albert Gilbertson, Ole A. Aanerud, Frank Malmberg, H. Lemmerman, Otto Zahl, S. W. Ludenia, R. E. Booth, W. E. Pogue, Martin Frier, Baer Brothers, G. L. Brotne, G. E. Anderson, Olaus Thorstad, Gustav Podratz, Mrs. Jos Schroeder, Sam Anderson, John Kill, Hans Olson, John W. Schmidt, and Julius F. Amborn.

H. B. Jones has decided to give all his time to the automobile business from now on and has given up his position in the lumber office. The auto business promises to be very brisk the coming season and as the Jones-Quigley Company have a larger territory this year than last, it will require all of their time to take care of the business. Jones-Quigley Company is advertising a Model 14 Buick for $550.00, a Model T Ford Roadster for $680.00, and a Model T. Ford Touring car for $780.00.

The county commissioners have about closed a deal for the sale of the county farm to Mike Satzer of Pepperton Township. For some time the commissioners have felt that the county farm was not exactly what was needed for the care of the poor of the county, and neither has it been as nearly self sustaining as it was hoped it would be when the farm was purchased some fifteen years ago.