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Talking it over -- 12-2-10

Two little miracles

If you ever need to reassure your belief in miracles, just hold a newborn baby in your arms. Then if you need any further proof, try holding two newborns at the same time.

I am a lucky new grandma who gets to hold two tiny granddaughters knowing that they are the most precious of miracles. Addalyn Emily and Isabella Carol Erdman were born on Friday morning and quickly become embedded in our hearts as they joined the family.

As we awaited their arrival I could not fathom how it would feel to be the grandmother of twins. Holding them both at the same time gave me an inkling of what it may be like in the future. They do look a lot alike but are quite different in many ways. I am still having trouble telling them apart when they are not next to each other however, seeing them together is easier.

My husband and I spent several days with our son and his family getting to know the babies and also spending some extra time with their big brother. He has had his parents and grandparents to himself for six years so it could be a little bit of an adjustment, but he seems to be doing wonderfully.

It was difficult to leave the new babies and return home. It will be a few weeks before we will be able to see them again and I know they will be changing every day. Right now we will have to be satisfied with regular updates from our son and the mountain of pictures taken while we were there.

My arms feel pretty empty right now but my heart is full. With the arrival of Addy and Izzy we now have five grandchildren and that means not only lots of extra toys and gifts at times like Christmas but also lots and lots of extra love, hugs, kisses and memories. I can't wait to share the future with these two little miracles and welcome them into our growing family.