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Have you seen our new Website? Ms. Maras, business teacher at MAHS, has recently made a number of improvements to our school's website and I would like to take the opportunity to explain some of them to you. Here are a few items regarding website navigation:

· Main links appear horizontally across top.

· Sub link for each section appear on their individual pages.

· Faculty contacts can be found for the district, high school, and elementary on their respective pages. Faculty members with personal websites are found there as well.

· The link sections on the right are meant for quick reference. - The general district calendar can be found in "Calendar" section.

· Daily activities/sports can be found under the "Athletic" section.

· Parents can quickly access the portal under the "Quick Links" section.

· High School and Elementary handbooks are found under their respective sections.

· Welcome messages from administrators are found under their respective sections.

· Any feedback can be directed to the technical editor by clicking that email link at the very bottom of the site.

Ms. Maras also wanted me to pass along this message, "a website is never finished. Ideas, feature stories, photos are always welcomed."

Mr. Johnson's English 9 students recently completed a unit that involved writing and a performance (skit) to examine Constitutional issues that students had recently studied in their Civics classes. In their Civics classes the students studied the American Constitution and the Amendments to the Constitution. Some of his students scheduled appointments with me to discuss situations that involve school law and student's rights and responsibilities. Students were divided into groups whose task was to identify a specific right or freedoms provided in the Constitution and create a short play that examined a conflict about their selected right and how that conflict impacts specific characters. Students rehearsed for a few weeks and then performed their skits for their class and parents on Nov. 18 . Mr. Johnson has skillfully transferred his theater expertise and applied it to his English classes. Through this activity, Mr. Johnson successfully combines learning, work ethics, academic relationships, and public performance. The students demonstrated problem solving skills through this self-motivating co-operative assignment. The students also demonstrated responsibility, leadership skills, the ability to meet deadlines, and a commitment to others. I sat in on few skits, and I thought the kids did a fantastic job.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 25 & 26 - No School (Thanksgiving Vacation)

A Glance ahead

Dec. 6 - 7-12 Band Concert at 7:30

Dec. 8 - 2-Hour Late Start

Dec. 13 - 7-12 Choir Concert at 7:30

Dec. 14 - Mid-term

Please visit our website at to learn more about Morris Area School. You may visit to view a weekly schedule of the sporting events that are taking place at the high school. If you have any questions concerning our policies or events, please call us at 589-4400.