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Looking Back-Morris

10 Years Ago Items from the Tribune, November 9, 2000

With a number of races on the ballot for the 2000 election, Stevens County voters headed to the polls in respectable numbers. According to the Minnesota Secretary of State's office, of the 6,982 registered voters in Stevens County, 5,761 voted in the general election, a turnout rate of 82.51 percent.

In the Stevens County Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor's race, Dave Lonergan was elected to the District 1 Supervisor position, defeating challenger Jason Kirwin. Doug Rasmusson (the only candidate) won in District 4, and Mary Ann Scharf (also the only candidate) won in District 5.

Laura Carrington, Vance Gullickson, Patti Nordquist, and Adele Cotter will be the new representatives on the Morris area School Board. They come to the Board with the authority to levy up to an additional $400 per pupil unit. Other candidates for the school board positions were Shane Jones, Susan Kleespie, Randy Oletzke, Clay Rundquist, Thomas Loew, Jill Bratton, Tap Payne, John Leutmer, Robin Huhn, Burce Klopfleisch, Dave Holman, Lory Lemke, and Priscilla Wood.

25 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of November 7, 1985

Lee Swanson was elected mayor, Steven (Skip) Sherstad was re-elected to the City Council, and Carol Wilcox was elected a new member of the Council in Tuesday's city election. Of the three Council candidates, Wilcox was the top vote-getter with 436 votes.

Everyone is welcome to join the Stevens County Study Clubs in the homemakers Holiday to be held at the Morris Senior High School gym on Saturday, Nov. 9. This year's theme is "Town and Country Talent." In the gym there will be many clubs selling Christmas ornaments, crafts and bake sale items. A quilting demonstration will be given by a talented group, and some of their quilts will be on display. Avis Brandt will be on hand to answer any questions on furniture and wood refinishing. Karen Stroman is chair. The admission price is $1.

50 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of November 18, 1960

Omar F. Torrey of Sioux Falls, S. D., former resident of Morris, was presented with a 50-year Masonic pin at special ceremonies in the Golden Sheaf lodge hall Tuesday evening. Presenting the pin was H. B. Olson, Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. Mr. Torry joined Golden Sheaf Lodge in Morris more than 51 years ago and has been a continuous member ever since. The presentation ceremony was part of a largely attended guest night program at the Golden Sheaf Lodge meeting.

Election of six new directors for regular two-year terms highlighted the quarterly dinner meeting of the Morris Chamber of Commerce in the Federated Church dining hall Monday evening. Elected to the association's board of directors were Karl Bornhoft, Marvin Fluegel, Darrell Kirwin, James Martin, Willard Micklish, and Dr. John Watzke. They will succeed President Dwain Benson, Don Giberson, Tony Gausman, Robert Rose, and Carl Hogander.

Otto Drewes was elected president of the Stevens County Farmers Union at the annual meeting of the organization in the community room in the Stevens community room in the Stevens County Courthouse on Tuesday evening. Drewes succeeds Hervey Richardson as president of the organization. Other officers elected were Fred Schlattman, vice-president, and Clayton Anderson, secretary.

Queen of the Rosary Circle, Daughters of Isabella, of Morris observed its 25th anniversary in St. Mary's hall on Sunday, November 13, with a tea followed by a social hour. Mrs. A. J. Buscher presented the history of the circle from its organization in October, 1935 to the present. Msgr. B. Petermeier congratulated the circle on its past accomplishments. Eight past regents of the circle were in attendance. They were Mrs. A. J. Buscher, Mrs. Raphael Staebler, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. John Eul, Sr., Mrs. A. A. Miller, Mrs. E. M. Zeches, Mrs. E. L. Cress, and Mrs. Cletus Staebler.

90 Years Ago Items taken from the Tribune of November 19, 1920

On account of muskrats being in danger of undue depletion or extinction Governor Burnquist has issued an order that on and after December 1st, 1920, no muskrats shall be taken, killed or had in possession in any number at any place in the State of Minnesota.

Miss Irene Labrie, county nurse, escaped uninjured in an auto accident on Wednesday, which resulted in the loss of one wheel, two fenders, and one window to the nurse's car. One rib in the top of the car was broken. Miss Labrie says that while she had noticed that the roads were rough, and that she was forced to travel slowly, she has no idea that she was in any danger of such a thoro "spill."

The Lutheran Free Church Ladies' Aid will serve a "ludefisk" supper at the armory next Tuesday evening, Nov. 23. Come and enjoy a genuine Norwegian meal of ludefisk, lefse, flatbrod, fattigmand, and be waited on by Hardanger maids.