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Talking It Over: Deer hunt and dear grandchildren

November is here and for many people it means that the harvest is over, Thanksgiving is coming and Christmas is not far behind. Some may be preparing homes and yards for winter and digging out those boots and snow pants.

In our house the start of November means one thing - deer season. Everything else gets set aside as we prepare for the hunt. By preparation I mean digging out our hunting clothes, sighting in the guns, making hot dishes for the freezer and putting together a long, long grocery list for sandwiches, snacks, breakfasts and everything in between. We seem to always be eating while hunting.

It also means getting the stands ready and paying attention to signs of deer in the area. My husband and I usually make a stop at my stand, clean out any debris and put in the pail that I sit on. I also now make sure that he checks the rafters for mice after an early morning visit during a recent hunt. I don't care to share my stand with a mouse.

It could just mean a bullet hole where the creature used to be.

My husband hasn't had me shoot my gun yet and I am dreading this part of the preparation. It traditionally means a lot of pain just to find out I can't hit the target any way. I did start to get better at it after a new scope was put on my gun. I think that when I pull the trigger, I know it is going to hurt, so I close my eyes.

That is why I miss the target (anyway, that is what I tell him).

I am always astounded that I feel the pain of shooting while practicing but I never seem to feel it when I am actually shooting at a deer. The extra adrenaline must cushion the kick during those times.

I am one of those so-so hunters who doesn't really care if I actually get my deer every year. It is nice when it happens but if it doesn't, I am just content to be out in the stand, watching nature and enjoying the relaxation. As long as it doesn't get too cold, I will brave it out for several hours.

It will be a different hunt this year as our son, who has never missed a deer hunt since he turned 13, will not be here. He will be at home with his wife who is expecting twin daughters at any time. If they decide to arrive during the deer season it may also mean an abbreviated hunt for Grandpa and Grandma.

I have decided that if that is the case it won't really matter if we don't get any four-legged deer because we will be adding two beautiful two-legged dears to our family forever. That will be the best deer hunt of our lives.