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Stevens County 4-H wraps up another successful year

The Nelsons are the Stevens County 4-H Family of the Year.

The Stevens County 4-H Program concluded another blue ribbon year at the 2010 4-H Awards Night held Saturday, Oct. 9. The 2009-10 Leaders Council Officers were recognized as follows: Natalie Johnston, President; Lloyd Lesmesiter, Vice President; Shauna Kill, Secretary; Kendra Sperr, Jean Lesmeister, and Amy Searle as Treasurers; Sami Searle, Wendy DeRung, Lloyd Lesmeister, and Jean Lesmeister as Fair Board Representatives; and Rose Wagner and Lori Moser as Adult Advisors.

The Key Leaders of each club serve as the go-between for the Extension Office and the clubs. They are Maria Berlinger, B.E.E.S; Rose Wagner, Darnen; Sandy Nelson, Hodges; Camille Spohr, Horton; Laura Ehleringer, Pep and Progress; Pat Smith, Rendsville; Jenny Schaefer, Scott; Darla Nelson, Stampede; and Wendy DeRung, Swan Lake.

The 2010 4-H graduates were recognized for their achievements in 4-H. The graduates included Erika Ritter, Lindsie Cunningham, Brendon Foss, Lauren Kill, Jeff Knobloch, Preston Moser, Rachel Spohr, Rebecca Erickson, Maria Cin, Bobbie Johnson, and Samantha Lemmerman.

In 2010, there were 26 new members to the 4-H program. New members were Kevin Asfeld, Hunter Gonnerman, Abbie McNally, Autumn Wente, Cole Reese, Connor Reese, Ryan Ascheman, Karly Fehr, Brooke Jepma, Katelyn Jepma, Bennett Nienhaus, Gabrielle Nienhaus, Shayla Kill, Kurtis Kill, Kellen Erdahl, Benjamin Koehl, Callie Koehl, Morgan Mahoney, Kelsey Voges, Trevor Voges, Micah Aanerud, Connor Koser, Blake Koser, MacKenzie Petersen, Mara DeRung, Alyna Kleinwolterink, and Shelby Marthaler.

Cloverbuds are members in 4-H who are under second grade. Cloverbuds is a non-competitive exploratory program for these youth. In 2010, Stevens County had 25 Cloverbuds, including Malory Anderson, Paige Backman, Baily Danzeisen, Corrie Erdahl, Hannah Fischer, Toby Gonnerman, Easton Hacker, Cortney Hickman, Gideon Joos, Callista Kill, Calvin Krier, Collin Krier, Grace Mortenson, Justus Moser, Isaac Nienhaus, Miranda Papesh, Sydney Petersen, Bradley Rohloff, Peyton Rohloff, Serena Schaefer, Hope Sperr, Karmen Sperr, and Laura Surerus.

The Stevens County 4-H Ambassadors were recognized for their contributions to 4-H and the community this past year. They include Gold Ambassadors Kendra Sperr, Sami Searle, and Cammi Aanerud; Silver Ambassadors Courtney Ehleringer, Chelsey Ehleringer, MaKenzie Smith, Natalie Johnston, and Shauna Kill; Bronze Ambassadors Kelsey Knobloch, Kayla Lesmeister, Brooke Wente, Samantha Lemmerman, Cassey Hickman, Lloyd Lesmeister, and Calley Hickman.

In 2010, there were five General Livestock Project Bowl Teams participating at the Regional Competition and one team advancing to the State Competition. The coaches for these teams were Lee Johnston, Jon Moser, Dick Metzger, and Judy Johnston. Team members included Lauren Kill, Natalie Johnston, Kendra Sperr, Shauna Kill, Jake Moser, Lloyd Lesmeister, Chandler Gramm, Jena DeRung, Joanna Moser, Maria White, Brady Wulf, Isaac Wente, Kayla Lesmeister, Kelsy Knobloch, Austin White, Chase Metzger, Ryan Ascheman, Marty Koehl, Emma Nelson, Brooke Kill, MaKenzie Smith, Brooke Wente, Kevin Knobloch, Mason Metzger, Connor Metzger, and Seth Nelson.

New this year was a General Livestock Judging Team that participated at the Minnesota State Fair Competition. Members included Mac Kampmeier, Jake Moser, Lloyd Lesmeister, Natalie Johnston, Travis Wulf, and Brady Wulf. Coaches were Tyler Evink and Justin Johnston.

There were three Horse Bowl Teams participating at the Regional Competition. The coaches for these teams were Kathy DeBuhr, Heather Aanerud, and Julie Kill. The team members included John DeBuhr, Mitchell DeBuhr, Cammi Aanerud, Jordan Carlson, Rebekah Aanerud, Elizabeth Golombiecki, Jennifer Knutson, Sydney Sperr, Savannah Aanerud, Micah Aanerud, Morgan Nelson, Shannon Kill, McKayla Petersen, and Nicole Knutson.

A Hippology and Judging Team also participated at the Minnesota State Horse Show. Team members were John DeBuhr, Cammi Aanerud, Elizabeth Golombiecki, Mitch DeBuhr, Rebekah Aanerud, Jordan Carlson, and Jennifer Knutson. Their coach was Kathy DeBuhr.

Each year, the Grand Champions of the top 10 enrolled 4-H Projects are recognized. They include Photography - Emily Cunningham, Food and Nutrition - Joseph Surerus, Shop - Seth Nelson, Crafts - Marcus Cannon, Fine Arts - Maria Cin, Vegetable Gardening -Marty Koehl, Self-Determined - Cody Cannon, Clothes You Buy -Courtney Ehleringer, Needle Arts - Jessica Lemmerman, and Youth Leadership - Samantha Searle.

One aspect of 4-H that is not so visible, but very important, is the project records. They are an essential part of the learning that takes place in the 4-H program. The following 4-Hers were winners in their designated 4-H Project Areas: Aerospace -Micah Aanerud; Beef - Brett Blackwelder, Jake Moser, Jena DeRung, Jenna Moser, Joanna Moser, Mac Kampmeier, Natalie Johnston, Maria White, and Austin White; Child Development -Courtney Ehleringer; Clothing - Cammi Aanerud, Chelsey Ehleringer, Courtney Ehleringer, Emma Nelson, Maria Cin, Rebekah Aanerud, and Savannah Aanerud; Corn - Colton Schaefer; Crafts and Fine Arts - Rebekah Aanerud, Savannah Aanerud, Kelsey Voges, Trevor Voges, Cammi Aanerud, Chelsey Ehleringer, Courtney Ehleringer, Jena DeRung, Amy Berlinger, Kurtis Kill, Mara DeRung, Mary Asfeld, Brooke Kill, and Caitlin Wilts; Dairy - Brett Blackwelder, Katelyn Blackwelder and Kent Blackwelder; Dog - Mitch DeBuhr; Exploring Animals - Emma Nelson and Brooke Kill; Exploring the Environment - Caitlin Wilts; Fishing Sports -Brady Cardwell; Flower Gardening - Savannah Aanerud; Food and Nutrition - Savannah Aanerud, Jena DeRung, Jenna Moser, and Morgan Rohloff; Forest Resources -Jena DeRung; Fruit - Marty Koehl; Geology -Shannon Kill; Global Connections - Cammi Aanerud; Goat - Shayla Kill, Brooke Kill, and Colton Schaefer; Geospatial - Chelsey Ehleringer and Calley Hickman; Home Environment - Courtney Ehleringer and Calley Hickman; Horse - Diana Nelson, John DeBuhr, Mitch DeBuhr, Morgan Nelson and Shannon Kill; Performing Arts - Savannah Aanerud and Calley Hickman; Photography - Savannah Aanerud, Jena DeRung, Jenna Moser, Kelsey Voges, Trevor Voges, Cammi Aanerud, Amy Berlinger, Mara DeRung, Caitlin Wilts, Connor Koser, Emily Cunningham, and Shauna Kill; Plant and Soil Sciences - Brooke Kill and Brooke Wente; Potatoes - Blake Koser; Poultry - John DeBuhr, Mitch DeBuhr, Shannon Kill, Maria Cin, Jase Wilts and Joseph Surerus; Rabbit - Caitlin Wilts, Jase Wilts and Joseph Surerus; Safety - Brady Cardwell and Calley Hickman; Self Determined - Jena DeRung, Jase Wilts, Brittany Cardwell and Robert Rohloff; Sheep -Shauna Kill, Shannon Kill, Emma Nelson, Maria Cin, Joanna Moser, Natalie Johnston and Seth Nelson; Shop - Seth Nelson, Savannah Aanerud and Micah Aanerud; Swine -Joanna Moser, Natalie Jonston, Jenna Moser, Jake Moser, Mac Kampmeier, Colton Schaefer, Lexi Mahoney and Marty Koehl; Vegetable Gardening - Connor Koser; Veterinary Science - Hunter Gonnerman; Youth Leadership - Natalie Johnston.

Top Record Keeper Awards were given in the Junior division to Caitlin Wilts and Trevor Voges as Honorable Mentions, Reserve Champion to Mara DeRung, and Champion to Emma Nelson. In the Intermediate division, Honorable Mentions were Colton Schaefer, Amy Berlinger and Chelsey Ehleringer, Reserve Champion was Jase Wilts, and Champion was Jena DeRung. In the Senior division, Honorable Mentions were Natalie Johnston and Maria Cin, Reserve Champion was Seth Nelson, and Champion was Jenna Moser.

The Top Club Records was awarded to the Darnen 4-H Club for turning in 100 percent of their club records.

The Top Club Reporter award was given to Natalie Johnston and Brittany Cardwell, of the Rendsville 4-H Club. The Top Club Secretary award was given to Chelsey Ehleringer of the Pep and Progress 4-H Club. The Club Demonstration Award was given to the Rendsville 4-H Club for having the most participants in Demonstration Day. The Grand Champion Herdsmanship Award was given to the Darnen 4-H Club.

Livestock Interviews were conducted during the county fair. Winners for the Beginner Division (grades 3-5) were Honorable Mentions were given to Kurtis Kill, Marty Koehl and Emma Nelson, Reserve Champion was Connor Koser, and Grand Champion was Savannah Aanerud. In the Junior Division (grades 6-7), Honorable Mentions were awarded to Ashley Krier, Jennifer Knutson, Amy Disselkamp, Jase Wilts and Mitch DeBuhr. Reserve Champion in the Junior Division was Elizabeth Golombiecki and Grand Champion was Diana Nelson. In the Intermediate Division (grades 8-9) Honorable Mentions were awarded to Jordan Carlson, Kayla Lesmeister, Brady Wulf, Evan Nelson and Brooke Wente. Reserve Champion in the Intermediate Division was Shauna Kill and Grand Champion was Rebekah Aanerud. In the Senior Division (grades 10 and up) Honorable Mentions were given to John DeBuhr, Natalie Johnston, Dylan Reese, Sami Searle, Brandy Johnson, and Mac Kampmeier. Reserve Champion in the Senior Division was Cammi Aanerud and Grand Champion was Travis Wulf.

The P.S. Jordan Award is given to a 4-Her with a long standing involvement in the Animal Science project areas and record keeping. The 2010 P.S. Jordan award winner was Natalie Johnston.

The Leonard Wulf Memorial Award is given to a beef project member that stands out to the other members as a leader. The 2010 Leonard Wulf Memorial Wulf Award was given to Mac Kampmeier.

The Jory Anderson Memorial Sr. Sportsmanship Award is given to a 4-H Horse member who shows good sportsmanship and serves as a good role model for new members. The 2010 Jory Anderson Memorial Sportsmanship Award was given to Diana Nelson.

The MaKenzie Haugland Memorial Jr, Sportsmanship Award is given to a member new to the horse project with a great attitude. The 2010 MaKenzie Haugland Memorial Sportsmanship Award was given to Nicole Knutson.

Outstanding 4-H Project Achievement Awards are given to youth who excel in their project areas. The 2010 winners were Joanna Moser for Animal Science, Mara DeRung for Expressive and Communication Arts, Courtney Ehleringer for Family and Consumer Sciences, Brooke Kill for Mechanical Sciences, Brittany Cardwell for Natural Resources, Cammi Aanerud for Personal Growth and Development, and Brooke Wente for Plant Sciences.

The 4-H Species Supervisors are a great support for the animal science programs throughout the year. They are Doug Ehlers, the 4-H Auction, Jon Moser and Scott Johnson for the beef project, Amy and Mark Blackwelder for the dairy project, Amy and Brad Searle for the horse project, Les and Kathy DeBuhr for the poultry project, Pam Disselkamp for the rabbit project, Amy Blackwelder and Judy Johnston for the Round Robin Competition, Judy Johnston and Pat Smith for the sheep and goat projects, and Steve and Lori Kill for the swine projects.

The Hustle Awards are given to two youth each year. These members are "go getters" and are always willing to participate in 4-H activities. The Jr. Hustle Award winner was Emma Nelson and Marty Koehl.

The Wayne Duncan Memorial Scholarship is given to a 4-Her with a long involvement in 4-H. The 2010 award winner was Lauren Kill.

The I Dare You award is given to members who are starting to be active within their club and it is designed to encourage them to continue forward. The 2010 I Dare You award winners were Chelsey Ehleringer and Brady Wulf.

The Minnesota 4-H Key Award recognizes youth contributions to their community This year's recipients were Natalie Johnston and Courtney Ehleringer.

The Outstanding Youth Leader award is given to a youth leader that has shown involvement and leadership development throughout the year. It is also the 4-H Ambassador that has participated in the most events. The 2010 Outstanding Youth Leaders were Sami Searle and Kendra Sperr.

The 4-H Family of the Year is given to a family who is noticed by other 4-H families because of their hard work and dedication. The 4-H Family of the Year went to the Sandy and Barry Nelson Family.

The Friend of 4-H is given to an individual or business that supports the 4-H program. This year Della Conroy and Ted Kill were honored.

The Extra Mile Award is given to 4-H volunteers who go that extra mile in 4-H. The 2010 Extra Mile volunteers were Alan Wilts and Lori Kill.

The Community Pride Club of the Year award is given to the club with a dedication to working within their community. This award was given to the Hodges 4-H club.

4-H Clubs were invited to participate in a 4-H Window Contest during National 4-H Week. The 2nd place window went to the Swan Lake 4-H Club and the 1st place window to the Hodges 4-H Club.

The 4-H Club of the Year is the club that most encompasses what 4-H is! The 2010 4-H Club of the Year is the Rendsville 4-H Club and the reserve champion Club of the Year is the Swan Lake 4-H Club.