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Tiger Beat

A note from Principal Mike Coquyt -

I would like to take this opportunity to provide some information about a program that we have been doing here at the 7-12 building for the past couple of years. We call this program Tiger PRIDE. The purpose of this program is to catch students doing something good and recognizing them for their good deed. It is important that the students do something that goes above and beyond what is expected from them. Students have been recognized in the past for being seen changing a tire on a disabled car for a community member, or helping a couple of friends resolve their differences. I can remember when we first rolled this program out; I talked to our faculty and staff, the bus drivers, custodians, and our kitchen staff. I informed them that anyone can nominate a student for Tiger PRIDE. I would like to invite members of the community to take part in this program as well. If you see a MAHS student doing something that goes above and beyond what is normally expected, please call the school and we will make sure they get nominated. A congratulatory instant alert goes home to all students who are nominated. Each week, one student from each class is selected to receive a food prize. These prizes are graciously provided to us by Taco Johns, Common Cup Coffeehouse, Willie's, and the Pizza Ranch. If you would like to nominate a student call the school, tell Rita or Kay the name of the student and what they did to deserve the nomination, and we'll take care of the rest.

Upcoming Events

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, the GRAD 9th Writing, 10th Reading, and 11th Math retest will be given. All students must pass these tests in order to receive a high school diploma in the state of Minnesota. The school will provide multiple opportunities for these students to pass throughout the school year.

Friday, Nov. 5 marks the end of the First Quarter.

A Glance Ahead

On Tuesday, Nov. 9 there will be a 7-12 band concert in the Concert Hall. This concert will include a section of the Perpich Arts Integration Project on the Holocaust. This program will incorporate poetry, visual arts, and music. There will be a power-point presentation, a mural will be presented that was created by Ms. Swezey's art students, and poetry will be read by students from Mr. Johnson's English classes.

Thursday, Nov. 11 is Parent Teacher Conferences at the high school from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., 2-5 p.m., and 6-8 p.m. These conferences will be held in the high school gym.

No School on Friday, Nov.12.

Tuesday, Nov. 16 Parent Teacher Conferences will be from 5-7 p.m. These conferences will be held in the teachers' classrooms.

Please visit our website at to learn more about Morris Area School. If you have any questions concerning our policies or events, please call us at 589-4400.