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Talking it over -- 10-28-10

Autumn not only promises us a change in seasons, gradually cooling and colder weather, but also brief periods of mild, warm hazy weather. We experienced some of this Indian Summer type of weather in recent weeks but now the reality of fall and promise of winter is moving in. Hopefully you were able to use that warm spell to finish any last minute outdoor work and get things lined up for winter.

By now, the sounds of summer are slowly fading away, including the chirping and songs of many birds. The rumble and hum of farm machinery in the fields is also getting less as the crops are harvested and soil prepared for the next growing season. The sounds of children and their pets seeking outdoor fun has decreased as they move indoors for more comfortable temperatures. The noise of motorcycles and other vacation vehicles is lessening as these too are put away for winter.

It is more quiet outdoors, but now the noise level is increased indoors. That makes it a good time to escape the indoor noise and take a walk outside for some quiet time.

Before winter's snow and cold invade this area, take time for some walks, kick your feet through the rustling leaves, watch the V-formation of ducks and geese as they return to the winter habitats and count the birds perched on power and telephone lines as they congregate in preparation for their long journey south. You may also hear the sounds of school children at play, practices, and games. Enjoy autumn while you can.

We can all learn from the examples of the animals in fall. Even if we can't head south like the birds, we can begin to prepare our nest for winter like the squirrels, rodents and hibernating animals. We can accumulate what will be needed for winter and winterize our homes, outbuildings and vehicles. We know what is ahead so now is the time to prepare.

As we prepare, we can still enjoy these last few days before the snow, cold and winter wind arrives. The Indian Summer days are numbered and soon winter will take over. Are you ready?