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Talking it over -- 10-21-10

Anyone who has ever watched the Extreme Makeover Home Edition program would probably agree that the work done by this show is incredible and extremely charitable. I could only imagine what it would be like to be a part of this experience but have learned a little more about the feeling through some relatives who recently had the opportunity.

My cousin Suzanne was able to be part of a recent makeover in Moorhead after her son Eric designed the new home through his employment with Heritage Homes. Her description to me was naturally tinged with a lot of pride in her son, but also some heartfelt feelings for the family receiving the new home.

However, one thing she shared with me really hit home. The 10-year-old boy who wrote the application had a unique request. Instead of just asking for help for his family due to his disabilities, he also asked that his old house be given to his friend who needed a home. He wasn't just thinking about himself but also about others.

With that in mind the producers not only built the young boy and his family a new home but moved the old home to a new site for his friend's family. Suzanne said the show was themed "pay-it-forward" and instead of shouting "move that bus!" they yelled "move that house!"

I enjoy watching the program but sometimes wonder about the demolition of what, in some cases, appears to be a fairly good home. I was happy to hear that the producers do look to recycle as much as possible so more than just one family benefits from the generous gifts of time, talents and product.

It is wonderful to see a family or in this case, families, helped in this way and great to have the chance to witness it locally. I can't wait to watch the program when it airs this year and will be watching for some familiar faces in the crowds and working on the project.