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Kayla Crowell featured as KSAX athlete of the week

In a recent Athlete of the Week segment, KSAX showcased a seventh grader who might be the poster child for "girl power."

Thirteen-year-old Kayla Crowell, who sports the number 13, is the only girl on the Hancock football team, but that doesn't keep Kayla from dominating on the grid-iron.

Kayla is in seventh grade and has been playing on an all boys football team for two years. She plays offensive guard and defensive tackle.

She tells us her favorite part of football is the physical aspect of it. Her coach says the boys on the team have been very accepting of having a girl on the team, which has caused Kayla to encourage other girls to try out for the squad.

"Well the guys have really opened up their arms and have taken her in well. I think they realize if she's not out there, we're in big trouble. She's a big part of our football team," Hancock's football coach Cory Bedel said.

"Any girl who actually wants to play football should actually do it, no matter what other people are saying to them," Kayla said.

Kayla also says she plans on playing next year too and her coach says he hopes she continues on into high school.