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Talking it over -- 10-14-10

Turn troubles

into triumphs

It is pretty rare to sail through life without any problems. To never encounter difficulties or troubles. AIt's even more rare to always feel on top of the world and ready to take on any challenge. Life just isn't that easy.

It is sometimes easy to feel down and out when faced with problems. You may have a serious illness or the death of a loved one to cause distress. An argument, job loss, financial problems, stress at home or work or even trouble with children or parents can bring on a feeling of depression. The feeling of despair can also come from taking on too much or having too many responsibilities heaped upon you.

The other day I was having one of these trying times. All the troubles of the world seemed to land on my shoulders and I was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself. That evening, I attended a volleyball game at the school. Prior to the start of the game I stood with the crowd, faced the flag and listened as the band played the National Anthem.

As I stood there, it almost felt like a hand slapped me in the face and said "wake up." I realized as I looked at that flag how lucky I was. No matter what my problems were, living in the United States and simply having the freedom to have these problems made me very fortunate.

If health problems are getting you down, remember that we are fortunate to have a good health care system and live in conditions that are not conducive to disease or the threat of harm. Being overworked or stressed out at school means we have the opportunity to learn, make money and govern our own lives. When facing a disagreement with people we care about or work with, we acknowledge that we have the freedom to speak our minds and let our opinions be known.

Basically we are very lucky to have the problems that we do have. Things could be so much worse and life could be a whole lot more difficult.

It may be hard to remember this all the time as we travel through life and take on its problems. However, it is good to have these sudden reminders occasionally. A moment when reality meets the real world and our situation doesn't look all that bad.