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Council approves new work on East 9th, 8th streets, Arizona Avenue

Morris Fire Chief Doug Storck (right) on Tuesday showed city officials the radios, pagers and other equipment that has been acquired since 2008 with more than $400,000 in grants for emergency response. From left are City Council members Bill Storck and Matt Carrington, and firefighter Dave Dybdal.

The Morris City Council has decided to forge ahead with another infrastructure repair job, approving an estimated $1.5 million project that will improve sanitary sewer systems on East 8th and 9th streets and Arizona Avenue next summer.

The council voted 5-0 Tuesday to continue its recent pattern of taking on an infrastructure improvement project each year. An Oct. 26 assessment meeting has been scheduled to meet with property owners.

"No sense stopping now," Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese said. "We've been doing a project a year and this is a good project to get done."

In other city business:

0 The council convened for part of its meeting at the Morris Fire Hall to see new emergency response equipment the city and county has been able to acquire through more than $400,000 in grants.

Through two grants from FEMA, the fire department has acquired new 800 megahertz portable radios and pagers for firefighters in Morris, Donnelly, Chokio and Hancock, in addition to base radios and other accessories.

The city and county also received a $71,000 FEMA grant for a generator, a state-of-the-art air compressor and tank filling station and a washer and extractor for suits.

0 The council approved refinancing bonds and a loan to save an estimated $126,000 over 10 years.

The bond sale on Tuesday drew six bidders, with Wells Fargo submitting the winning bid at $2,075,000. The city, on the advice of its financial adviser, Ehlers and Associates, made the move to take advantage of lower interest rates. The true interest rate on the refinanced bonds in 2.25 percent.

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