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O.K., so just where in the world is the Morris Public Library? It seems like a simple question, but there is a Morris Library in Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut as well as in Minnesota. So when doing a 'Google search', remember to add Minnesota. We have received more than one call from Morris, Illinois, telling us of an e-mail request they have received from Minnesota.

Peter Smith of Minnesota Public Radio will speak at the library Thursday, Oct. 21 about his "Porch Sofa Almanac" book, a compilation of essays written for MPR about life in Minnesota. This event is sponsored by the Viking Library System and is funded through the legacy funds from a vote of Minnesota citizens in 2008.

There are likely to be vacancies on the library board in January. If you are interested in setting policy and future direction of the library, please consider becoming part of the board. After an initial orientation period, most of the work of the board occurs at monthly meetings.

It seems we are forever in the process of shifting things around at the library. Please note that videos and audio books have been relocated. Ask if you are not finding what you want.

Horror stories are the theme this month. A few on display include:

Dark of the Night, by John Saul, 2006

Delia's Crossing, by V C Andrews, 2008

Dracula, the Undeath by Dacre Stoker, 2009

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, 1994

Heart-Shaped Box, by Joe Hill, 2007.

Hellfire Club, by Peter Straub, 1996.

Sacrifice, by John Farris, 1994

Seven Steps to Midnight, by Richard Matheson, 1994