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District Court

Morris Police

Gael Hernandez Garcia, Morris, 8/18/10; driving without a valid license, $185; driver who is not owner must later produce proof of insurance if required, $200.

Elizabeth Chey-Sum Lim, Shoreview, 8/22/10; underage consumption, $185.

Peggy Ann Newman, Milbank, S.D., 7/27/10; speeding, $135.

Garrett Matthew Heisinger, Clinton, 3/26/10; seat belt, $110; driving without a valid license, dismissed.

Benjamin James Hylla, Morris, 3/26/10; crimnal sexual conduct, continued for dismissal with conditions.

Carter Alan Moser, Morris, 7/20/10; failure to obey traffic control device, $135.

James Brandon Owens, Inez, Texas, 7/10/10; driving without a valid license, $185.

Nicole Renee Armstrong, Farwell, 7/9/10; expiration of driver's license, $185.

Stevens Co. Sheriff

Marco Antonio Sanchez-Reyes, Morris, 8/14/10; driving without a valid license, $185.

Cody Ray Smith, Donnelly, 8/10/10; speeding, $225.

Bruce Allen Beyer, Donnelly, 10/27/09; driving after cancellation, dismissed; 12/13/09, driving after cancellation, 180 days jail, stay 170 days for 1 yr., $685.

Shane Allen Sprouls, Donnelly, 5/27/06; DWI, $610, 30 days jail, stay 30 days for 1 yr., 1 yr. supervised probation; open bottle law, dismissed.

Jon Raymond Koch, Odessa, 7/29/10; speeding, $125.

Heather Ann Mohr, Holloway, 8/4/10; speeding, $225.

Keith William Anderson, Chokio, 5/27/10; seat belt, dismissed.

Kayla Whitney Braun, Morris, 4/10/10; DWI, 120 days jail, stay 90 days for 2 yrs., $860, 2 yrs. supervised probation; liquor possession by person under 21, dismissed; drug possession, dismissed; possession of drug paraphernalia, dismissed.

Dylan Cody Clemens, Alberta, 7/7/10; domestic abuse, 365 days jail, stay 310 days for 1 yr., 1 yr. supervised probation, $185; 7/8/10, violate no contact order, dismissed; 7/25/10, violate no contact order, dismissed.

Brian Lowell Krupke, Hancock, 2/28/10; fleeing a peace officer, dismissed; operate snowmobile or ATV under the influence of alchohol, dismissed; DWI, 365 days jail, stay 335 days for 3 years, 3 yrs. supervised probation, $1,615.

MN State Patrol

Max E. Jewell, Plainfield, N.H., 8/8/10; speeding, $225.

Carrie Lynn Macho, Morris, 8/27/10; no proof of insurance, dismissed.

Courtney Ann Slaba, Canby, 8/12/10; speeding, $385.

Joshua Marc Anderson, Alexandria, 8/9/10; speeding, $285.

Cassandra N. Quinn, Bedford, Ind., 7/6/10; speeding, $145.

Barry Albert Bjornson, Alexandria, 7/3/10; speeding, $135.

Richard Eugene Buro, Morris, 6/17/10; vehicle carrying farm produce leaking, $145.

Neil James Carpenter, Spearfish, S.D., 6/27/10; speeding, $125.

James Martin Lubenow, Herman, 6/17/10; speeding, $145.

Thomas Quesne Pheanis, Walhalla, N.D., 8/14/10; speeding, $225.