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Talking it over -- 9-30-10

It is very difficult to stand on the sidelines of a football game and watch as an ambulance carries off a young player. As hard as it is for fans, I am sure it is even more difficult for parents, fellow players, coaches and family members. Friday night was one of those trying nights of football with several injuries and one ambulance visit.

Fortunately, young Taylor Holleman is okay despite the scare that night. Other players who hobbled off the field or laid on the grass to catch their breath are also okay, just a little beat up. There are also a few athletes out for the season because of earlier injuries and health problems.

It is frustrating for a small school with limited numbers of players interested in the sport, able to play and eligible to participate. You may start the season with pretty good numbers but as the weeks go on, those numbers slowly dwindle and the players on the field get younger and younger.

I have to say that I am pretty proud of these young kids. They are risking injury, working hard and giving all they have to face one large team after another. Even though the cards are stacked against them, they are playing the game with integrity and a huge amount of heart and effort. Is it any wonder that the fans scream just as loudly when the team makes a first down as could be heard for a touchdown?

It was a tough homecoming loss for the Owls, emphasized by the fear of a traumatic injury. However, the losing record has not deterred the team or the fans. The sidelines were two to three deep in cheering, encouraging fans. I saw this not only Friday at home but also at a recent away game. It is great to see so much support for the team as they struggle through the season.

This Friday night is another home game. Hopefully, our boys will be healthy and able to play another tough game and the fans will be there to cheer them on with each tiny step.

I have to think that when it comes to sports, it is just as important to try your best and enjoy what you are doing as it is to win. The victories are nice but the smile on an athlete's face who knows he or she has done their best is priceless.