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Hancock Looking Back -- 9-23-10


(Taken from the Thursday, Sept. 21, 2000 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The Hancock water tower started to come down last week with the removal of the top. It was slowly lowered to a waiting truck.

An excess of $4,000 in cash and merchandise was taken during a break-in Saturday night at Inn Like Flinn's in Hancock. The break-in was reported to the Stevens County Sheriff's Department at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning and is estimated to have occurred sometime between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m.


(Taken from the Thursday, Sept. 28, 1995 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Senior class king and queen candidates for Homecoming 1995 were recently chosen at HHS. Coronation will be held on Thursday, Oct. 5. This year's candidates and sponsoring classes are: Nick Norbie and Alison Minke, senior class; Kevin Joos and Becky Boon, junior class; Jeb Van Eps and Annie Joos, sophomore class; and Ryan Spencer and Carrie Zeltwanger, freshmen class.

Hoff Township has undertaken a major project this summer by replacing an old bridge on Township Road 20 with four 8'x12' cement culverts. The bridge, which is located near the former Fox farm, had been limited in weight of vehicles crossing and also was too narrow for most farm equipment.


(Taken from the Thursday, Sept. 24, 1970 issue of the Hancock Record.)

A highlight of Homecoming week is the campaigning for the various candidates for Homecoming Queen, climaxed by the coronation on Thursday evening. Vying for the honor this year are Pam Greiner, Dorinda Berget, Mary Mikkelson, and Diane Boon.

Rev. and Mrs. Carl Afman arrived in Hancock Wednesday where Rev. Afman has accepted a call to the Christian Reformed Church. Rev. Afman is a graduate of Calvin College and Seminary at Grand Rapids, Mich. He will be ordained into the ministry at services in the Christian Reformed Church on Monday evening at eight o'clock.


(Taken from the Friday, Oct. 4, 1935 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The chicken population of this section suffered a serious loss on Wednesday, all caused by the annual chicken dinner at St. John's Lutheran Church, when nearly 200 guests were served all the fried chicken they could eat together with all that goes with a real chicken dinner, including apple pie.

Weather permitting the Hancock fans will see their last game of the season on the local diamond here Sunday when Starbuck comes over to avenge the defeat suffered on their home ground two weeks or so ago.


(Taken from the Friday, Sept. 23, 1910 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Mr. and Mrs. Selland and son of Mitchell, S. D., arrived last week for a visit with the family of his brother, Nils, of this place. The boys have not seen each other for something like 18 years and consequently are having the time of their life going over old times at their old home.

Oliver Pruett has sold his farm to John Landis, the deal being completed last week. The price was $62.50 an acre for the 240 acre tract. His many friends here will be more than sorry to see Oliver leave. He intends to look over the western country pretty thoroughly but if he finds nothing to suit him may conclude to go back to old Indiana.