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Zach Lies is a man of several talents. You might call him "Zach of all trades."

"I've worked, all in Morris, in maintenance and at the front desk at the Super 8, at Town and Country Supply for about eight years and as a spray finisher at Aaron Carlson," said Lies (pronounced "lease").

A native of the Fargo-Moorhead area and a graduate of Fargo North High School, Lies said he followed Tammy Roth, whom he married in 1998, to Morris. Following stints working at a variety of jobs at local businesses, Lies has returned to his passion--music. He's a self-employed musician and member of the local rock band, Old Dog and the New Tricks, comprised of Bill Pelowski on guitar and vocal, Ramsay Bohm on drums, Ben Waterworth on bass and Lies on guitar. He's also a member of two bands in the Fargo area. He's played the French horn, cello and piano too.

When "Old Dog" started, as a two-guitar duo, "we played at Old #1 for no money and relied on word-of-mouth to advertise for gigs," said Lies.

Lies comes honestly by his passion for music. His father, who still lives in the Fargo area, was a school band director. When he's not preparing for or traveling to band gigs, Lies repairs and builds guitars.

Build a guitar? How does one begin?

"I start with wood that I order from a specialty hardwood supplier," explained Lies. "I have a handful of my own designs or customers come up with their own idea." Thus far, Lies uses three different original guitar designs and one bass design.

"I made a guitar for a guy who's played in Nashville," said Lies. "He wanted a lighter weight guitar" so Lies used both light-weight metal and wood for the design.

Among other interests, Lies is a biker--the pedaling kind--and he builds bikes as well. He bikes year around, and has both raced bikes and entered triathlons, including Morris' annual Tinman Triathlon with team members Jennifer Lund and Dave Molesworth. He's built special bikes for runners who develop an interest in triathlon competition. "More people should bike," said Lies, who is amazed how few people in Morris bike "especially with high gas prices and considering it's a small town." Lies has served on a committee to look at a safe bike route for school children to use. He also repairs bikes, using his garage as his shop.

Non-motorized transportation isn't Lies' only method of "going green." He and Tammy recycle and compost. They own only one car; he sold his. "Our lawn mower has blades that revolve; it takes up less space too," said Lies.

Lies keeps up on the latest music and biking trends with subscriptions to guitar and bike magazines as well as through the internet. One of his many interests and talents includes building home computers--he's hooked up the couple's home entertainment center to a computer he built.

In the area of the culinary arts, Lies' talents include baking bread, using a bread maker the couple received as a gift. "I went online to find a fool-proof white bread recipe," said Lies. "I've varied the recipe to include ingredients such as cracked pepper and oregano. Tammy especially likes the honey lemon pepper dill bread. You use your imagination to add ingredients to the basic white bread recipe."

When time permits, Zach and Tammy like to travel, whether to conference locations that Tammy attends for her work or just for fun to places like Washington, D.C. They've also made an occasional trip to visit Lies' three siblings and his Mom who live in the Virginia area.

Lies lives in Morris with wife Tammy Roth, who is a K-12 school counselor in Morris, and their larger-than-most gold fish, Piggy.

Morris appeals to the multi-talented Lies as a "comfortable [place] with a low crime rate and light traffic."