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Talking it over -- 9-16-10

It is great to go on vacation, but also good to come home. I missed sleeping in my own bed, relaxing in my recliner, watching TV, driving my car and, believe it or not, cooking my own meals. We had a very nice vacation except for the weather, but it is great to be home.

For several years now my husband and I along with three other couples, have been taking this vacation together. Most of those years our children joined us as teenagers and now they continue to spend part of the week as married parents. Our group is growing as their families grow. We rent cabins for the week and they spend three to four days with us and we are alone the rest of the week.

That first part of the week is always a lot of fun as we play games with the kids, have various types of food competitions and just sit around visiting. Once again we enjoyed all these, but steady rain on a few of the days dampened things a bit.

By the middle of the week we are all getting a little tired. As the kids head home, it is now time for the parents to relax and do some of our favorite things like visiting shops, casinos and doing some intense fishing. Once again the weather didn't cooperate for all of these, but we compensated with cards and games in the cabin.

With all the rain, and since the fish weren't biting, we loaded up the boats Thursday night and some of the group headed home on Friday. My husband and I stuck it out leaving Saturday morning. It was kind of sad as those pine trees and lakes fell into the background and we realized that the vacation was over. This reality hit full force as we unpacked at home, headed out to mow lawn, pick garden products and start washing all the clothes, towels and bedding from the week.

Later when I finally sat down in my recliner, clicked on the remote control and looked at TV programs for the first time in a week, I realized that it was kind of nice to be home. Sleeping in my own bed that night confirmed the fact that while it is nice to go on vacation, it is equally as nice to come home.