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Talking it over -- 9-2-10

It is back-to time again. Back-to-school, back-to-college, back-to-work, back-to-fall, back to reality!

For some, back-to time can be difficult. Young parents sending their child to his or her first day of school may shed a few tears. Parents sending their child to his or her first day of college may have the same sentiment. School employees and others who have the summer off may be ready to get back to work but also sad that the summer break is over.

This time of year can also be of mixed emotions for students. They may be excited to see classmates again and get beyond the boredom of the final days of summer, but not always ready for the stresses of learning, socializing and growing. They may be participating in sports or joining clubs that require a great deal of their free time. Some will be getting after school jobs shortening study time. Students new to a school system or classroom could have a time of adjustment and getting to know people.

I recall being excited yet apprehensive with the start of each new school year. Living on a farm I didn't get to see most of my friends and classmates during the summer so I was excited to see them. However, with each new school year the work became harder, the peer pressure greater and the fears of "growing up" stronger.

Back-to-school time also means that summer is nearly over and fall is upon us. It is a time that I do not look forward to because it means winter is not far away. Even as we complain about the heat and humidity, the cold winds and rain of fall and winter are preparing to descend upon us.

Despite all the negative things this season brings it is also a time for fun, learning, making new friends, creating memories and building lasting relationships. I encourage not only students, but parents and staff, to enjoy all that the school year has to offer and make the most of what some might say is "the best time of your life."