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Talking it over -- After the fair

After a warm and rocky start, the Stevens County Fair ended up being a very nice weekend. Entry days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were quite warm but the storm that brought heavy rain and strong winds not only scared those present at the fair, but also managed to cool things down again for the remaining days. As one who was caught at the fair during the storm, I certainly wouldn't want to go through something like that again. Fortunately everything turned out okay and no one was hurt.

I enjoy the fair for so many reasons and this year was no different. There are the usual things like the food, rides, entertainment and exhibits that draw people, but I also enjoy the judging competitions, visiting with people you don't see too often and just plain sitting on a bench and watching people.

As usual I spent a good deal of time at the 4-H livestock shows where I took pictures of the young people who were so proud of their exhibits, anxious to show them off to the judge, parents and other fans. I am always so proud of them and it is wonderful to watch them grow up through and within their 4-H project areas. It is sad when they graduate but you often see those some graduates sitting in the bleachers or helping out in the barns as younger generations begin their journey.

This year at the end of the majority of the judging the gentleman who had judged the sheep, swine and beef shows offered up some very complimentary comments about area 4-Hers and the projects they exhibit. He told the crowd that he had been judging shows similar to those in Stevens County throughout the state for over 30 years. He also works as the vice president at a bank in the Twin Cities area.

This judge stated that he often hears comments about the bad points of this generation of teens. He went on to say that the next time he hears something like this he would tell those people to visit Stevens County, and look up the 4-Hers who work so hard here. He added that the quality of product, level of hard work and just simple courtesy exhibited by these young men and women are of top quality. We should all be very proud in this county of our young people.

These comments made the fair for me and should have been at the top of the list for the 4-Hers and parents. No matter how they did on their projects at the fair, they can be very proud of the impression they made on the judges simply through their knowledge, effort and showmanship.