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It has been a warm summer and that makes me happy but one of my pet peeves is too cold air conditioning. Don't get me wrong, I have central air and was very happy to get it in our house. I remember all too well when our house was very warm. I also remember how thrilled we were when we got our first car with air. I (and my children) remember our old cars with the black vinyl seats that were downright dangerous to get into in the summer when it sat too long in the sun. But, I hate places that are so cold. I was in a Scheel's store in Sioux Falls last week that I couldn't wait to get out of. It certainly did not want to make me shop when I was so cold. I give grocery stores kind of a pass because I do want my food to stay cold. I think the places that really bother me when they are too cold are restaurants. It is hard to eat when you are shivering. I have been in California and Hawaii, states where it is warm most of the time and it seems that there stores and restaurants are not near as cold. Maybe because it is warm most of the time and people are always dressed for warm weather. In Spain and France, when I was there in the summer, I noticed most places, including restaurants and hotels have no air conditioning. I saw on the news last night that researchers (gotta love those researchers) have figured out that people in offices type best if the air conditioning is set to 77 degrees. That sounds good to me. Luckily my coworkers in the city office and I are quite compatible in our temperature likes.

When I was young, I used to spend at least one week of my summer in Alexandria with my Aunt Elsie. She gave me her love and focused attention and also treated me like a grown up. She would send me downtown every day to visit my Uncle Walter who owned a shoe repair shop. She made me learn all the street names so I would not get lost. I still remember them well, Fillmore, Hawthorne, Irving, Jefferson, and Kenmore. I would also visit the Woolworth store and plan what I would buy at the end of the week. In the evenings we would sit in the big screened front porch, eat popcorn, read books and watch the people go by, and then I slept in the back porch which I always loved. It seems now we all have so many chores and schedules and responsibilities, but take a little "time out" and read a book--even out loud to kids, grandparents or even your husband.

A couple new books to read-

"Cutting for Stone"-Abraham Verghese

"That old Cape Magic"-Richard Russo

"Tough Customer"-Sandra Brown

See ya at the library-where it's always 77 degrees!