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Talking It Over: Keep a smile on your face and fun in your heart

There are several special days and weeks in August that tie together. One of those weeks, National Smile Week, could actually be the result of some of the other themes.

The first week in August was designated as Clown Week and that always makes you smile, which is a good way to start National Smile Week.

Then, in the third week it is Air Conditioning Appreciation time. During these hot humid days, AC really makes me smile.

However mixed in with all these fun weeks is another special day. The first Sunday of the month was designated as Friendship Day, and if anything can make me smile it is my friends.

When I think about things that make me smile and times when I have laughed, joked and just been spontaneous, it usually involves my friends. There is something about the time we spend together that makes me relax, forget about worries and problems and just enjoy life. That is a very important part of friendship.

There are other things that make friendships special. Having someone to talk to, lean on in times of trouble, help with special projects or do things together. Friends are there for you when you need them and even when you don't. They are the first people you ask when you want to do something special and the last people to leave when you host a party or gathering. They know where you keep everything in your house and can step in easily to wash dishes, vacuum floors or even do the laundry if needed.

Since we are now in National Smile Week and Friendship Day has passed, I hope you take a few minutes to think about your friends and let the smiles show. Believe me, your face won't crack, the world won't stop and things might just look a little brighter with a smile on your face and the warmth of friendship in your heart.