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Hancock Library News

Top readers at our recent summer program were Holly Messner, Cody Messner, Morgan Kisgen and Zachary Koehl. Perfect attendance was Dallas Walton, Katilyn Staples and Alexis Staples. Other great readers were Luke and Lexi Joos, Chase and Sean Cunningham, Brecklyn and Aiden Beyer, Mallory Joos, Natalie and Ella Peterson, Blake, Bryce, Bryn, Colton, Boe, Drake, Maddie, Laura, Monte, Hayden, Gideon and Gabbi Joos and, Peyton and Paxton Rohloff. I salute and congratulate you all and thanks to ALL the great kids who joined us every week--there were a lot of books read and lots of fun was had. Thanks also to Peg Cunningham and Emily who have been there to help out on Tuesdays and also to Jackie Swinney who has volunteered in the library this summer and helped with filing so much.

"Eat Pray Love" is book that we have here at the library and is now a movie coming out soon with Julia Roberts. I have to admit that I read and really enjoyed the first part of this book and then the latter part I didn't like it so much and quit. Now that it's a movie maybe I will give it another chance, although quitting a book you don't like is never a crime. I am now reading Anita Shreve's "Change in Altitude". It takes place in Kenya in the 70s and is okay. I am learning a lot about mountain climbing but it is not near as good as some of her books. "Fortune's Rocks" and" Sea Glass" were probably my favorites.

We have a new book this week at the library by Daniel Silva, a famous spy mystery author who also many times deals with subjects in the art world. The name of the book is "The Rembrandt Affair" and is supposed to be one of his best so come check it out (in between eating corn dogs and cotton candy that is). I love fair season!!

See ya at the Library!