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Sue's Views: Fair is another gem in a busy, eventful summer

And so, here we are, on the verge of the Stevens County Fair. Surely, I can't be the only who was surprised to wake up last week and discover it was August.

I'm not sure why it seems as though time has skipped by this summer. There were all the usual milestones: the last day of school, the Kiwanis weekly talent shows in the park, the start and end of the baseball and softball seasons, Prairie Pioneer Days, Summer Station Day, Crazy Days, Hort Night, the LTD Ride and more reunions than you can keep track of.

The odometer on my car certainly verifies that it has been a full and active summer.

And now it's time for the fair.

For the 137th time, the Stevens County Fair is set to capture our attention, our appetites, our talent and our imaginations.

From the time the fair ended last year until the time the serving starts for the Appreciation Supper on Wednesday, there's been some kind of effort underway to make this the best Stevens County Fair ever.

It's likely that most people who attend the county fairs have a routine. Some head straight for the VFW stand, others are on a mission to get a piece of pie at the 4-H stand, while the teenagers will hardly notice anything but the midway and the food vendors.

Everyone has their favorite part of the fair. Luckily for us there's a lot to like at the fair. From the 4-H, Homemakers, open class and commercial exhibits; food on a stick and bingo and sno cones and the beer garden; lumberjack shows, ATV mud bogs, enduro races and demolition derbies; magic acts, musical talent and more.

The fair board members have certainly put forth tremendous effort to bring us a mix of old favorites and new adventures.

Of course, a good share of the success of the county fair depends on you and me.

This year, maybe it's time to break the routine and try something different. Walk a little slower through the commercial exhibits. Take a look in the sheep barn. Try cheese curds. Get on the Ferris wheel and enjoy a great view. Raise your hand to volunteer for the Lumberjack Show. Enter the demo derby. And don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can enter them in the open class competition next year.

The fair is meant to be lived and enjoyed, not just watched. This is not a professionally choreographed event, it is our county fair and it will be as good as we make it.