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15 Years Ago

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Sun of August 1, 1995

It was Berger Chevrolet in 1979. In 1984, it became Berger Chevrolet Oldsmobile. In 1989, the Geo line was added to the name. Now, in 1995, it's Heartland Motor Company. The new Heartland owners are Jeff Mahoney, Dan Dripps, and Ken Anderson, who purchased the managing interest of the business from Bud Burger.

Steve, Don, and Loren Woodke recently were named Stevens County's 1995 outstanding conservationists. The Woodkes, who farm in Swan Lake Township, have been practicing conservation techniques since 1967. Doug Ehlers presented them with the award.

Tim Busian, a senior at the Morris Area High School, presented a check for $524 to Rita Mulchahy. The high school's National Honor Society collected aluminum cans this spring to raise the money, which will be spent on environmental resources. NHS advisor is Paula Mathison.

40 Years Ago

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Sun of August 4, 1970

The Pylin drive-in on East 7th Street will re-open this morning (Tuesday) under new ownership and management. The Pylin has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. James Barnes, who come to Morris from Savage. The drive-in was closed yesterday to prepare it for the reo-opening this morning. The Pylin has been owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Bakken of Benson.

Jerry Loher of Morris recently began construction of four new athletic fields at the University of Minnesota, Morris. The athletic fields under construction are a varsity football field, a practice football field, a track, and a baseball field. They are located on the campus south of east Second Street and east and south of the new Physical Education Center.

Initial steps toward the organization of the Stevens County Environmental Quality Advisory Commission were taken Thursday evening at a meeting in the community room in the Morris public library. The meeting, called by the board of county commissioners, was attended by county, city, village, and township officials. The meeting, presided over by Ted Dosdall, chairman of the county board, was concerned primarily with the solid waste disposal problem as it affects municipalities.

75 Years Ago

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Sun of August 9, 1935

A golf league of four teams was organized last week and regular matches between the teams were begun this week. Each team has ten players and the captains of the teams are Dr. H. O. Watzke, R. G. Sisson, Mr. R. Moffatt, and O. K. Alger. The grand prize, a set of clubs, will be given to the individual player winning the most points during the weeks the league matches are played.

A county-wide 4-H program and ice cream social will be given on Friday evening of next week at the agricultural school grounds to raise funds to send Stevens County's winning orchestra one-act play group and quartet to the Minnesota State Fair. The Framnas orchestra and quartette will give selections during the program and the Snappy Scotts will present a one-act play.

Arrangements for the payment of state seed loans in this county were made after prolonged discussion by the board of county commissioners at its regular meeting on Monday. Also, all bids for road graveling, opened at this meeting were rejected. A contract for grading and overhaul construction on state aid road No. 11 was awarded to B. J. Loher and the contract for clearing and grubbing to S. J. Garberick.

100 Years Ago

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Sun of August 4, 1910

Supt. E. C. Higbee arrived the latter part of the week and is now busily engaged in making arrangements for the opening of the Morris Agricultural School and Experiment Station. There is considerable work yet to be done about the grounds and buildings before everything is in readiness.

L. L. Hanse of the town of Framnes threshed the wheat from one of the fields on his farm yesterday, and reports that it went 27 bushels to the acre. In a way this shows what a little fertilizer and a rest for the soil will do. The field in question had been used as a pasture for three or four years, and was then put into wheat.

A man was called upon by Game Warden Finnegan and Sheriff Donovan Monday, who brought him before Justice R. A. Cooper who imposed a fine of $10 for the shooting of one prairie chicken out of season. Warden Finnegan undoubtedly dislikes to put any resident of the county to trouble or expense but he is commissioned to enforce the laws of the state. This little episode will prove a warning to other local nimrods to "wait a little while."