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Talking it over -- 8-5-10

As we get older our bodies seem to start working against us. I have noticed a lot of changes over the last few years in how I can and cannot make my body work and I really don't like them. It seems like my body just doesn't want to listen to my mind any more.

There have been times when I have decided to do some things that I used to do without any trouble. For example, I have tried to ride a bike, run around the yard with grandkids or get down to mop the floor, all things I did at one time without any problems. Now if I do these things my body gives me grief for days.

I have also found out that I can't get any response if I decide to lose weight. No matter what I try, short of starvation, takes those pounds off and any amount of excessive exercise results in weeks of punishment every time I move. It just isn't fair!

I have decided that one of the best ways to prevent some of these problems when you get older is to take care of yourself when you are younger. Each one of those injuries in your younger days is a potential problem when you are older. Former broken bones and sprained muscles come back as a real pain in the neck, back, arm, leg, hip or wherever.

But when you are young and spry it is important to also stay active, the very thing that can cause some of those future aches. Participating in sports, exercising and just moving rapidly helps keep you fit and healthy. It can keep your internal body strong and healthy.

Therefore, you have to balance all the pros and cons and make the right decisions. Participating in some sports when you are not prepared physically or warmed-up properly can cause some long-range effects.

Summer is a busy time with sports, working and hobbies. It is also the perfect time for injuries to occur. Be sure you take care before you participate or work out. Warm up, stretch or start slowly to get your body ready for the exertion and exercise. A little caution now can help prevent a lot of pain in the future. After all we often look forward to those golden years of retirement and don't want to spend them in almost constant pain.