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Local News -- August 5

Vera Beyer was a supper guest at Lanny and Connie Beyer's on Thursday. Mike and Sherry Greiner, Levi and Cory from Illinois were also there visiting.

Marvin and Marilyn Grammentz attended the Benson family reunion at Verna Hawkinson's in Morris on Sunday.

Vida Huntley, Jayne Hacker, Virginia Peterson and Gloria Zeltwanger attended the Miss Morris/Miss Midwest pageant on Saturday night. Lily Zeltwanger took part in the pageant.

June Pearson visited with Doris Benson at her home in Morris on Saturday and she visited with Margaret Cunningham on Monday night.

Elaine Jacobson was a Sunday dinner guest at Justin and Carrie Flaten's home for the baptism of their baby. On Monday night, Nathan and Amanda Klucas from Benson visited her.

Sunday night dinner guests at Rob and Marilyn Nohl's were Chuck and Sherry Meixel.

Guests at Millie Goll's on Wednesday afternoon were Sherol Schoeck, Jerid Schoeck and children, Kevin and Avery.

On Thursday evening, John, Jen and Abby Boon visited Millie Goll.

Margaret Wolhowe from Staples spent the day visiting with Millie Goll on Monday.

One week ago Shirley (Joos) and husband, Dennis Anderson from Bozeman, Mont. were here visiting Neel Joos and other relatives and also visited Millie Goll.

Bonnie Watson and daughters, Marrita and Sophia from Orlando, Fla. are visiting Ray and Lila Watson this week.