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Sun of July 25, 1995

Nearly 200 people who "took their pleasure" visiting local gardens last weeks as part of the Progressive Garden Tour, sponsored by the Stevens County Master Gardeners and the Minnesota Extension Service. There were eight stops on the horticultural tour, now in its second year. Visitors included a mix of young and old from 20 towns throughout the five-county region, said Mary Ann Scharf, extension education. She added that most people, true to the poet's words, report that they garden for leisure and relaxation.

Paula Mathison was chosen Morris Area Teacher of the Year this spring. Rather than taking any credit for her own ability, however, she said that she was chosen because her teaching style is representative of the teachers in the district. Mathison teaches 11th grade English at Morris Area High School, and 12th grade college English, for which students receive college credit.

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Sun of July 28, 1970

A new women's clothing store in Morris, Stevenson's Women's Wear, will open its doors to the public in mid-August, announces David Gunderson, manager of the S & L store. The store is located right next to S & L and has the same parent corporation, Salkin and Linoff Corporation, as the S & L store. The new store will feature women's better sportswear and shoes only. Manager of the new store will be Mrs. Veda Rudnicki, former owner and manager of the former Rudnicki's Style Shop in Morris. The store building was leased from Mrs. O. S. Freeman.

Excavation work was started last Wednesday at the North Central Soil and Water Conservation Research Center at Morris for the new $350,000 addition to the ARS facility here. The new addition will enable an accelerated research program in the area of water quality and pollution to be carried on by the Center. General contractor for the new addition is the Anderson Bros. Construction Co. of Fergus Falls.

Keith Kirwin of Morris, in car 10, received the big winner's trophy and $100 in cash for winning the 35-lap mid-season championship race at the stock car races at the Stevens County fair grounds on Saturday evening. The winner's trophy was sponsored by Morris Auto Wrecking. Kirwin held the lead all the way, with Milfred Kaehler of Morris, in car 15, holding a very close second for the entire race. Doug Wulf of Morris, in car T-1, won third place. Fifteen cars started in the race but only five finished.

75 Years Ago

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Sun of August 2, 1935

The newly elected directors of the wheat communities in Stevens County met on Wednesday afternoon at the agricultural hall of the West Central School of Agriculture and elected officers of the Stevens County Wheat Production Control Association. The officers will hold office until June 30, 1936 and have charge of administering the wheat program for the coming year. The officers are: A. C. Jesness of Swan Lake, president; Arne C. Sather of Rendsville, vice-president; V. C. Huntley of Moore, treasurer, and County Agent F. A. Douglass, secretary. Paul Burmeister of Baker and F. J. Van Dyke of Eldorado were chosen members of the county allotment committee.

A group of gypsies camping near the old road of highway No. 28 about a mile from Morris attracted many visitors during their stay until Tuesday morning. The women of the camp told the fortunes of many who parked along the road with eager curiosity. Sheriff Helen A. Ryan said that while the gypsies were here she had no complaints from either merchants or residents.

The district office of the Works Progress Administration will be opened in Morris the first of next week, District Administrator Harry Phinney said yesterday. Projects are already being considered by the district administration of the program and Mr. Phinney says that the office is anxious to have more projects submitted immediately. Projects will be started as soon as possible in communities where the relief load is heavy and where public works will not interfere with harvest or other private activities.

A golf league will be organized by the members of the Pomme de Terre golf club on Friday of this week when the members of the club will meet at the clubhouse. The league members will play every week and the final awards of the league will consist in a large number of prizes, the first of which is a set of matched wood clubs. Only the members of the local club will be on the teams.

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Sun of August 4, 1910

The awards in the art contest which was inaugurated last spring by the Morris Sun, have now been made, the delay having been caused by the illness of the art teacher at the St. Paul Institute of Arts and Sciences. Miss Nora A. Mangan of this city, has been given a bronze medal for a display of natural talent in drawing.

Ordinance No. 16, forbidding children under the age of sixteen years to be abroad upon the streets, alleys and public grounds in the village of Donnelly between eight o'clock p.m. and six o'clock a.m., unaccompanied by parent, guardian or employer, except by express permission or direction of said parents, guardian or employer, was passed by the Donnelly Village Council on Aug. 1.