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Hancock Library News

So what is your favorite summer memory or what reminds you of childhood summers? One of mine is Popsicles and Dreamsicles. Remember them? Popsicles always used to come with two sticks and you had to break them apart. When did that change? Also, water balloons that we filled at the water fountain in the railroad park. No one ever uses that park anymore it seems. We do have a great new park on the west side. Have you checked it out??

Last week was my 62nd birthday and with that will come some changes, both for me and for the library. I will be cutting down to eight days a month at the library. Mostly that means I will be cutting out Thursdays. The library will continue to be open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, but Janae Wilson will probably work many Thursdays taking my place. Janae worked here a couple years ago and so she is able to step right in with no training necessary. Leah will also continue to work occasionally and also do all our cataloging. I will continue to be the Library Director with everything that entails, write all the reports, go to all the meetings, handle all the programming, including the children's summer reading program, and order all the materials.

Motion, or change, is the one constant in life. We are always moving, whether it be forwards, backwards or in circles. Most of us would, I imagine, want to be moving forward - achieving something, becoming fitter, stronger, more skillful, more knowledgeable, or maybe just relaxing more. I am entering a new chapter in my life and although it is exciting, it is also kinda scary. The most exciting part about change is when you see the possibilities of new things and new reasons to rejoice.

"If there's no change, there'd be no butterflies."

See ya at the Library!