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Talking it over -- 7-29-10

Included with this issue of the Hancock Record is our annual Business, Service and Community Directory. A compact summary of area businesses and what they have to offer, as well as an avenue to encourage the support of our communities.

In my opinion this is one of the most important special sections we put out. A reminder as to the importance of area businesses and our loyalty to them can not be stressed often enough. I try to do it at least once a year through this section.

We are a small community and we rely on the surrounding area for our survival, however we also need to be loyal to ourselves. There are a limited number of jobs here so many of us travel out of town to work and to shop. This is necessary as we do not have everything available in Hancock and often need to go 'out of town'.

However, it is also important to support our area businesses as much as we can. We need to consider the entire area as our community and work to keep the businesses within strong and thriving.

After all, where is the first place you go when in need of donations for personal goals or group activities? Who helps support the organizations that our children are involved in? Whose taxes pay for the streets we drive on, the water we drink and the quiet we enjoy?

Our small town gets a lot of support not only through jobs but in many of these same instances, from surrounding communities. Hancock is truly blessed to have such supportive communities in Clontarf, Cyrus, Chokio, Morris and Benson as our neighbors. They complement our town nicely in many of the services they provide.

It is the way of survival for small towns to rely on their more populated neighbors. And likewise, many of our businesses rely on customers from other communities.

There are many ways to show your support. This can include buying locally or patronizing area businesses. It can also mean sharing positive thoughts about our businesses and avoiding the spread of negative comments. Praise your town and look for good. Give to it all that you can and you will receive much in return.