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Watch for surveys on senior housing in Hancock

Surveys will be going out this week to a select group of residents in the Hancock area. The survey will target people who may have an interest in the future of senior housing in Hancock. The survey developed by Ben Winchester for the Hancock Economic Development Authority is a key ingredient for the purpose of ascertaining the need for senior-friendly apartments in Hancock.

HEDA is looking to investigate the need for the senior friendly apartments which will not be assisted living or nursing home. They will use the survey results to apply for grants that could hopefully help construct apartments in key areas of the community.

After conducting a study, HEDA has noted that over the last several years a number of Hancock area seniors moved into similar housing in other communities. It is hoped that Hancock can retain the senior population in the future by constructing this type of senior housing.

The surveys will include questions that elicit need, design and affordability issues. A stamped envelope will be provided for returning the completed survey. The deadline is approaching quickly so please fill them out and return the survey as soon as possible.