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Final payment made for Hancock sewer pond project

Larry Van Hout of Widseth, Smith and Nolting presented the final pay request and paperwork for the project to the Hancock City Council Monday night. With the approval of each of these, the project is officially done.

The final payment to Riley Brothers Construction was $127,337.77. This brings the total cost of the project to $2,341,222.91, which is $21,821.37 under the estimated cost. The savings will be deducted from what would have been received in grant dollars and will not be a savings for the city.

Council was also asked to pass a Certificate of Final Approval resolution. This form was required by Rural Development to close out the project.

Even with the finality of the paperwork there are still some concerns at the pond site. The first is an ongoing problem with controls at the lift station and the debate as to the source of the problem. Van Hout is attempting to set up a meeting between the control provider, Otter Tail Power, the city, and an electrician to locate the source.

There is also a concern about algae growing on the ponds. In order to release the water from the final pond, there cannot be algae. Even though the algae is needed as a natural part of the break down process, Van Hout said that this would need to be watched and monitored. The ponds may have to be treated prior to release.

Truck purchase

Council also discussed the purchase of a 1994 dump truck with snow plow attachment from the City of Morris. The truck had been put out on bids but no bids were received so councilman Dennis Schroeder was in contact with a City of Morris employee about the possible purchase.

Hancock currently has two dump truck/plows, but one is a 1986 and the other a 1994. The older truck, orange in color, has been giving the city some trouble and repair costs are mounting. This truck could be sold and replaced with the truck from Morris.

The council decided to obtain other comparable estimates for trucks and if the dump truck from Morris was the most reasonably priced, to then pursue the purchase.

Other business

• Council members were cautioned by City Attorney Neil Simonson about proper procedures. He gave an example of council members possibly emailing each other as being a potential violation of the open meeting law.

• Simonson also told council to take precautions before removing the two mobile homes discussed at last month's meetings. He suggested having the owners sign a hold harmless agreement.

• Setting up a policy for the use of city-owned picnic tables was tabled.

• The council was informed that the filing period for two council positions and the mayor position will run from Aug. 3-17. The seats now filled by Jeff Flaten and Bruce Malo will be up for re-election along with the mayor position filled by Bruce Schmidgall.