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Hancock Looking Back -- 7-15-10


(Taken from the Thursday, July 13, 2000 issue of the Hancock Record.)

An accident involving a four-wheeler and pickup occurred just after noon on Tuesday sending three people to the hospital. The accident happened at the intersection of two township roads in the northeast corner, section 23 of Moore Township. Vernon Krupke, Michael Koehl and Paul Koehl were all transferred to the Stevens Community Medical Center.

St. John's Lutheran Church of Hancock is celebrating a century of God' grace through the year 2000. The congregation is now halfway through their year long celebration with the biggest event taking place on Sunday, July 2. On that day former Pastor Paul Wilde was the preacher followed by a catered dinner and afternoon of fellowship.


(Taken from the Thursday, July 20, 1995 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Staying cool on a hot summer day takes a lot of liquid. To help with the cause, four young Hancock children set up a Kool-aid stand in their yard. For two days they sold Kool-aid for the fair price of 25¢ a glass to thirsty customers. The children selling were Christopher Wagner, Alyssa Wagner, Josh Nelson and Emily Van Eps.


(Taken from the Thursday, July 16, 1970 issue of the Hancock Record.)

Three young women from Morris escaped serious injury when their 1964 Plymouth was damaged beyond report in an early Friday morning accident on Highway 9 at the Hancock village limits. They were Pat Phillips (19), driver of the car; her sister Connie (17), and Audrey Kjernstad (17).

From just a trace to three inches was the rain story in the Hancock area Sunday afternoon and evening. Out east of the village near Lake Emily, Harry Johnson said they received only .2 inches while John Quasebarth south of Hancock, reported three inches.


(Taken from the Friday, July 26, 1935 issue of the Hancock Record.)

H. E. Hendrickson, who has been in charge of the Cargill Elevator here for the past several years, has been transferred to Litchfield, which is his hometown, and will have charge of the Cargill elevator at that place. His place here will be taken by Albert Florine, whose home is at New London and who has been in charge of an elevator at Cokato, we are told. Mr. Florine will move his family here as soon as he can find a suitable house.


(Taken from the Friday, July 15, 1910 issue of the Hancock Record.)

The remodeling of the town hall is well underway, the workmen beginning operations this week Monday. The stage will be built out some eight feet in sections so that it can readily be taken down and the floor part placed around the sides of the hall for the chairs to set on when a dance is held. There will be new scenery, new curtains, the hall will be repainted and the walls and ceiling finished up with fresco work and altogether the hall will present an up-to-date appearance.